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This is kokocrunchz living in Tampines. I am a student, work in Tampines. Japanese, - are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, - and Buffet , Ramen, -.
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cheesey bread  OK  2012-04-22
The sugar and the cheese compliment perfectly and give the bread an enriched taste. This would definitely make a good budget breakfast, delicious and filling, with six in a pack, yet cheap. It is advisable to finish up on the day itself ...

Oishii  OK  2012-04-22
This japanese green tea cold noodles also known as soba does not taste especially delicious. I would say it is average and I have higher expectations of it, thus I am slightly disappointed after tasting their soba. The noodle is springy b...

Popiah  Smile  2012-04-22
The fillings in the popiah is a lot and it is not too damp such that the popiah skin become soggy. The skin is also not too thick.The fillings contain some crispy bits which it make it slightly crunchy when eating the popiah. Ask for l...
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cheesy bread
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