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Snowskin Mooncakes

This year, pastry chefs from far and wide are pulling out all the stops to impress you with amazing mooncake flavours and enchanting packaging. With such an impressive repertoire of mooncakes, there's something for everyone. Read on to find out which catches your fancy!

For the Lavish Connoisseurs: Regent Hotel

BakerzinToasting the time-treasured traditions of Mid Autumn Festival in more ways than one, Regent Hotel is offering their well-loved classics as well as inventive flavours this year.

New to the selection of the snowskin mooncakes, the namesake of the recently opened Manhattan wows as a sexy cocktail creation, melding bourbon with a decadently rich Amedei chocolate core with sweet trimmings of maple syrup and Luxardo maraschino cherries.

The Regent's Golden Treasure Gift Set sets off the tones of luxury with 10 mini gems of Bird's Nest with Custard. Premium whole strand bird's nest within a velvety soft custard nestles within a tender layer of vanilla-scented snowskin. It oozes luxury in every bite.

Price: $61 for Manhattan Mini Snowskin (Box of 8), $98 for Regent's Golden Treasure Gift Set - 10pc bite-sized Bird's Nest with Custard

For the voracious appetites: Bakerzin


Get ready to delight in these velvety pastries that come in four precious collections: Bliss, Celestial, Divine and Joy. Undoubtedly, these creamy, ambrosial mooncakes will win the hearts of any crowd - both the young and old!

If you're making your purchase online, seize this exciting promotion: 25% off Bakerzin's mooncakes before 24 August 2014.

Price: $60 for Bliss Collection (Box of 8, 2pcs/flavour), $56 for Celestial Collection (Box of 8, 2pcs/flavour), $72 for Divine Collection (Box of 8), $52 for Joy Collection (Box of 8, 2pcs/flavour).

For the classy palates: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Decked out in frosty and sophisticated jade hues, this set of Fullerton Snow Skin Treasures showcases two time-honoured flavours which emanate rich indulgence with comforting tastes of home.

It's time to rejoice if you're missing the classic White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk Snow Skin Mooncake - The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is bringing it back following its popularity last year! Cloaked in densely sweet smooth white lotus, this mooncake can impress any discerning connoisseur.

Craving for a nostalgic spin of local essence? The Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake will fit the bill perfectly, with wafts of aromatic pandan complementing the deep caramelized palm sugar.

Price: $56 for The Fullerton Snow Skin Treasures (Box of 4)

For an adventurous celebration: Carlton Hotel Singapore

Carlton Hotel Singapore Carlton Hotel Singapore promises a romantic Mid-Autumn reunion for you and your loved ones with an innovative range of snowskin mooncakes this year. Drawing inspiration from the trendy flavour found in cupcakes and waffles, the pastry chefs from Carlton incorporate smooth cream cheese and crunchy royaltines buried within the handcrafted snowskin to create mini Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes.

New creations from the hotel also include Cempedak and Pineapple Snowskin Mooncakes, refreshing delicacies with a tangy zest! A resounding hit with the crowd last year, Carlton's signature mini Durian Snowskin Mooncakes return with an improved recipe with premium Mao Shan Wang durian pulp made without preservatives.

Price: $58 for Mini Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes (Box of 8), $60 for Mini Cempedak and Pineapple Snowskin Mooncakes (Box of 8), $66 for Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncakes (Box of 8)

For the whimsical young hearts: Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has brought the mid-autumn night's dream to life with a delicious palette of divine flavours inspired from invigorating fruits and enchanting cocktails in their snowskin mooncakes.

One of the two fruity highlights is the Mango with Yuzu, a sophisticated masterpiece boasting of a zesty blend of mango infused with yuzu stuffed with a chocolate ganache truffle core. The White Peach Bellini mooncakes are the most distinctive among the three alcohol-imbued flavours: revel in a juicy burst of white peaches accompanied with a champagne-infused white chocolate truffle core with every bite. These pretty mooncakes, brushed with an elegant sweep of colour, come nestled in an iridescent lilac box in the shape of a handbag.

Price: $65 for White Peach Bellini/ Chocolate Rum and Raisin/ Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncakes (Box of 6), $62 for Mango with Yuzu/ Green Tea with Honey Osmanthus/ Soursop (Box of 6)

For the chocolate truffle addicts: Grand Hyatt

Grand HyattThe underlying secret to Grand Hyatt's decadent snowskin mooncakes is out: chocolate truffles!

Gracefully presented in a beautiful acrylic case stamped with the hotelís Chinese insignia, this yearís collection of mooncakes feature contemporary flavours in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

Among all of the exciting flavours, the white lotus with rose truffle snowskin mooncake is well worthy of special mention: encased in a rosy tinted snowskin with premium lotus seed paste that swathes a white chocolate truffle, this mooncake is also richly infused with raspberries, raspberry liquor and the alluring scent of Damask rose.

Price: $69 for Assorted Selection of Snowskin Mooncakes/ Black Sesame with Yuzu Truffle/ Caramel Sea Salt Truffle/ White Lotus with Rose Truffle with alcohol/ White Lotus with Passionfruit Truffle with alcohol/ Champagne Truffle with alcohol/ Durian/ Green Tea with Sake Truffle with alcohol/ Lychee Martini Truffle with alcohol/ White Lotus with XO Truffle with alcohol (Box of 8)

For the down-to-earth: BreadTalk

Breadtalk For the mooncake festival 2014, BreadTalk's snowskin mooncakes are presented in a classy packaging of brilliant turquoise or cherry blossom pink, and luminous bronze-embossed print of the Mid-Autumn motif.

This assortment is entitled Joyous, representing the uplifting festive moods while relishing the mellow tones of double chocolate in their Mini Double Chocolate Truffle.

Don't miss out on their fabulous liquor-infused Mini Coffee Baileys Truffle and Mini Whiskey Truffle that aspire to tantalize your senses with their rousing fragrance. With its irresistible nutty aroma, BreadTalk's Black Sesame Truffles mooncakes also have their fair share of enthusiasts.

Price: $52.80 for Joyous Box (Box of 8, 2pcs/flavour)

For extravagant festivities: SweetSpot

Sweetspot Choose SweetSpot if you want to impress your mooncakes recipient with exquisitely oriental packaging with a range of modernist snowskin flavours and winning classics perfect for this gifting season.

The Eco Jade snowskin mooncake is generously laden with sustainable Javanese chocolate, caramelised bananas and cashew nuts within the handcrafted supple snowskin made from Pandan leaves. Glazed with a hint of orange liquor and generous dark chocolate ganache, the Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier is expected to be a hit among chocolate lovers. Courtesy of last year's enthusiastic reception, the Salted Caramel Almond Crunch snowskin mooncakes are returning for a second year! If you missed it, be sure to snag it this festive season.

Price: $58 for Eco Jade/ Snow Skin Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier/ Snow Skin Salted Caramel Almond Crunch (Box of 8 - for individual flavour or a combination of any 2 flavours at 4pcs/flavour)

For the dreamy poets: Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel A passionate advocate of the Chinese culture, Shang Palace's medley of snowskin mooncakes this year reconnects with various cultural elements such as poems, Chinese fables, mythical creatures and exquisite teas.

Three tea-infused flavours take centre stage: the Mini Snow-Skin Snowy Flake Mooncake with Jasmine Tea, Mini Snow-Skin Phoenix Supreme Mooncake with Oolong Tea, and the Mini Snow-Skin Imperial Consort Mooncake with Pu-er Tea.

All of these mooncakes are generously filled with smooth lotus seed paste with a refreshing tea jelly centre encased with chocolate, packaged within a customised satin box with elegant Chinese embroidery.

Price: $10.15 for each Mini Snow-Skin Snowy Flake, Mini Snow-Skin Phoenix Supreme, Mini Snow-Skin Imperial Consort. $66.35 for Mini Snow-Skin Snowy Flake, Mini Snow-Skin Phoenix Supreme, Mini Snow-Skin Imperial Consort (Box of 8)

For the best of both worlds: Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Sweetspot To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the culinary team at Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore has outdone themselves with an ingenious masterpiece that amalgamates traditionally baked mooncakes and their snowskin counterparts.

Encased in a silver-dusted marzipan cover, these out of the world mooncakes are handcrafted almond sponge cakes coated with vanilla caramel and Frangelico liquor.

Brownie points to the creative presentation of the mooncakes complete with hazelnuts and star-shaped chocolate crisps accents.

Price: $69 for Full Moon cakes (Box of 4)