A good review is one that is fluent and coherent, providing an enjoyable read for others. Here are some tips on how to write an informative, well-rounded review that will capture the hearts of our editors!

  1. The Ambience
  2. Give a short introduction on the cuisine that is provided (Chinese, Western, Japanese Mediterranean, etc.). Take a photo of the restaurant’s interior / exterior and describe the look & feel, the crowd, and the service.

    These will help fellow foodies decide if the place is suitable for their next casual gathering or a romantic date with their partners!

  3. The Food
  4. Snap a clear mouth-watering photo of the food. Try taking multiple photos from different angles so that you have more choices to include in your review. Placement of the dish, the lighting and background plays a very important role in creating delicious looking photos.

    Describe how you feel about the food. Is it too salty? Is the serving portion too little for your voracious appetite? How is the texture of the food? Be sure to include the name of the dish, and how much it costs too!

  5. Your Verdict
  6. Give us an overall verdict about your dining experience and whether you would recommend it to other foodies. You could also provide a short comparison to a similar restaurant / dish that you have tried before!

Now that you know the secret ingredients of what goes into a good review, you are one step closer to redeeming fantastic prizes in ‘The OpenRice Hungry Games’!




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