Pork with Balsamic Blue Berry Sauce

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Pork with Balsamic Blue Berry Sauce
Eat right with OpenRice Simplicity of Somethings series where we bring you on a healthy colour adventure. This recipe is part of the Blue and Purple diet. Be sure to try it out and share the benefits with your loved ones!
Ingredient and Portion
1 serving of pork (sliced)
1 serving of blueberry
1 serving of salad sides
Olive oil
Salted butter
Balsamic Vinegar
1. Stir a pinch of salt and pepper into olive oil in a pre-heat pan.
2. Place pork slices into pan. Watch the sides for caramelization.
3. Coat both sides of pork with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
4. Introduce salted butter and balsamic vinegar into pan. Watch for them to thicken.
5. When items in Step 4 thickens, put in blueberry and toss everything (blueberry and pork slices) together.
6. Serve pork slices and blueberry with the salad sides.
Pork slices are about ready when the sides are caramelized.
Further cooking would caused the meat to be tough.
Diners may include cherry tomato to salad sides.
Step 1 allows the olive oil to absorb the salt and pepper flavor. Do not be in a rush to introduce the pork slices.
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