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worth the money!  Smile  2012-04-27
the food at todai has got lots and lots of different kinds. there are soup base! there are seafood! there are sweets! there are even korean food! there are even japan food! the cold crab there is really huge, many many different ki...

set meals!  Smile  2012-04-26
i lvoe the set meals which bakerzin came up with. it comes with the following: - main course - cake - sides (c - soup - bread and it is really filling, i specially love the mango cake they serve. the layer of mousse is damp and ...

of all sweets, i extremely love tcc's chocolate molten cake. i called it the lava cake, as the melted chocolate inside is really attracting! the sesame biscuit on top is really nice as well. crispy and yet not too sweet! the ice cream...
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