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rice craving  OK  2013-07-08
I was craving for sushi! so i decided to go to umisushi! It was my virgin trip there and i was shock to see teriyaki chicken there!!! Kinda curious how does it taste like, i decided to buy it. It was up to my expectation. Not rea...

Patter! :D   OK  2013-07-08
We were feeling greedy today! So my friend and i decided to order a patter to try! we cant really eat much but we were attracted by the flaming prawn!! AS it seems like baked prawn with cheese! We were disappointed as it's ...

I was craving for egg tarts and went to 8 tarts and pastries to buy one. Then I saw this chocolate tarts and decided to grab some! After all, chocolate tastes good. Maybe chocolate tarts might be even better. And i did not regret ...
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