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Pho or no?  OK  2018-05-12
For me Pho is all about the broth, if it’s good the rest normally falls into place. I’ve not had a good Pho in awhile so I decide to check out the So Pho chain. The menu has most of the common Vietnamese dishes. I order the combo ...

Not for the steak  Cry  2018-05-12
I was looking forward to trying the steak at this place. Upon arrival I didn’t have to wait for a table, the service was quick and I ordered the ribeye steak (medium rare) with pepper sauce and a Merlot to pair. When the streak a...

Disappointing  Cry  2018-05-06
4 finger is usually busy when I pass by so I decide to find out what the fuss was all about. I order 6 pieces of the signature wingettes/drumettes with 2 hot and 4 soy garlic. I sat down with wireless pager device and after a few minutes ...
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