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Mc Chicken  Smile  2011-10-22
Nothing but a Mc Chicken to curb some supper cravings. Crispy skin garnished with some black pepper, the tender chicken burger goes along well with the mayo sauce. If you like chilli sauce, you should try mixing the mayo and chilli to...

Carrot Cake  OK  2011-10-22
The long queue attracted me to this stall with me waiting for at least 10 minutes. Worth the wait? I shall say that the carrot cake is of decent taste but it's really nothing to shout about. The kueh is not crispy but smells as good...

Cai Tao Kueh  Smile  2011-10-22
Good food is good food and these are the reasons why : -Generous portion for price -Listens to requests attentively ( 1 lady ordered 3 packets of carrot cake 1 white with extra chilli, 1 black with chilli, 1 black with no spring on...
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