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Tiramisu  OK  2011-07-26
I know how to bake tiramisu and I am crazy about it. Tiramisu is just an amazing dessert! But this stick tiramisu is so so only, taste like cheese cake or imitation of tiramisu. But it is still acceptable, perhaps I will order other ...

Egg tarts  Smile  2011-07-26
I finally tried the egg tarts from KFC. I wasn't expecting much but i was wrong! It tastes superior! Better than any egg tart I have eaten or on par with the good ones! I love the sweetness and crunchiness crust. The egg is sw...

Pineapple fried rice!  Smile  2011-07-26
I cannot remember where I got this amazing dish from! But there is a see through window in the shop and it sells thai food. I love this pinapple fried rice with pork floss. it tastes really good! The pineapple cube totally opened m...
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