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Dian xiao er  Smile  2013-07-22
I went to Dian Xiao Er again to have Chinese cuisine dinner with friends. I ordered the "three eggs spinach", "braised mushroom with brocolli", "greenland lamb in sizzling pan" and "wintermelon soup". The spinach is fried with...

Tiramisu cake  Smile  2013-07-14
Got the tiramisu cake from my landlord. The tiramisu is really fine and moist and i love the consistency of the overall texture. The flavour is rich with coffee and kahlua taste, topped with cocoa powder with a little bitterness. i love...

chewy  Smile  2013-03-11
Awesome Chewy Junior Puffs! My School NYP has got some charity event on going so chewy junior's puffs were sold for higher prices. As to support the charity, my friend bought these to treat us! The puffs were extremely gr...
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nufciv 2012-07-25 11:00
Woahhhh your photos are high quality and tasty i could just...
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