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Set meal  Smile  2011-11-09
Picture wise, it looks just like any other normal Japanese restaurants. When the food arrived, it then occurred to me that the serving is actually quite big. I ordered salmon and seafood okonomiyaki. The salmon was fresh and quite ...

Deal 2 + 1  Smile  2011-10-27
This promotion has been going on for some time now and I finally have the chance to give it a try. The promotion is to order a set meal, which consists of 2 items, and have a choice to order another item out of the 4 choices for only $1....

Ang Ku Kueh  Smile  2011-10-27
I would definitely come over here to buy their ang ku kueh whenever I pass by. The thick filling is wrapped with a thin layer of skin. You are able to bite the filling with every bite and not feel that you are merely eating the skin. ...
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