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Price  OK  2012-03-30
I would be stupid to not know that the $2 Mc Chicken is gone but compared to the nearby eateries, there really isn’t anything more worthwhile and convenient. It is so close to the beach, many people come here to cool off after a warm d...

Unagi Rice  Smile  2012-03-29
Though the unagi are realy tiny bits and shreds, the fried rice is really nice! The wok hei smell is there, when the waiter served it, I just could wait to eat it, I took up my utensils before remembering I had to take a picture, that...

Japanese Curry  Smile  2012-03-29
I rather fancy Waraku’s Japanese curry chicken cutlet, so much so that I would prefer this to Sushi Tei’s. The portion may look smaller, but they are actually the same. The curry is thick, a little sweet. The rice is soft bu...
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