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Cafe Time  OK  2012-12-28
A quiet place, away from noise. Simple and relaxing ambiance place. Had Salmon Sandwich with some salad and chip. It has avocado it the sandwich, and I love the unique taste of it. A good try for me! My friends tried the pies. ...

Dinner  Smile  2012-12-28
Had dinner with my family at Pizza Hut. We ordered the New Pizza that they had which is Double Sensation Pizza. We love to eat CHEESE except my mom, she can't stand the smell of it cause she said it smells like SOAP...

Bubble Tea  Smile  2012-12-28
I’ve always enjoyed bubble tea ever since it first launched in Singapore many years ago. Share Tea, another bubble tea originated in Taiwan so I decided to give it a try since it’s within walking distance from my office. To play...
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OpenRiceSG 2014-05-21 09:41
Happy Birthday fishy! Have a wonderful one! smile
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