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chicken  OK  2012-03-28
ordered the 2 piece chicken with added cheese fries for lunch. contrast to the cheese fries we had at kfc, the cheese fries at long john is more like chips with cheese but no matter what, both way tasted equally nice. the chicken was averag...

tea time  OK  2012-03-28
i think ya kun is a good place to sit down a break during tea time or a snack. i ordered a cup of barley while waiting for my girlfriend to shop around. perhaps it was late at night, the barley tasted quite blend and not as nice compared to...

chill out  OK  2012-03-28
this starbucks opened in school last dec and since then the whole school seem to have infested with starbucks. since this place is very near to lab so is quite a common hang out place for us. i ordered the java chips and quiche for snack, b...
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