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Dim sum  Smile  2014-12-11
Situated on the 52th floor of Capital Tower, China Club offers a very good view of the area. It is only open to members, and selected credit members. Since my friend got the credit card, we joined him for the dim sum lunch, which i...

children's meal  Smile  2014-12-11
The kid's meal (around $5) is very attractive. Looking at it will make any kid smile and whett up their appetite. The smiley potatoes are crispy and nice. But the fried salmon is not that good. Maybe the fish is not fresh, it t...

Rainbow cake  Smile  2014-12-11
A nostalgic cake from my childhood days. Very attractive cake which appeals to yound kids now too. The sponge cake is very soft and fluffy. The jam is not too sweet and the different flavours of jam adds to the fun of eating this cake....
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