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This is loongzz . I also love Dim Sum, Ramen, Burgers and Sandwiches.
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Buffet Bonanza  Smile  2013-10-18
The Line has traditionally been one of the more expensive buffets in town! That being said, it is also one of the buffets that offer the largest variety of dishes, be it main courses or desserts! This is what i love about the place...

Fishy Flavor!  Smile  2013-10-18
Since young, i've always been a fan of Fish & Co, and will always pester my parents to bring me there on occasions like birthdays etc. I really love the platter they offer because i'm just such a greedy person! Also, with the wi...

Gooey Goodness  Smile  2013-10-18
I was very lucky to have been introduced to this brownie goodness when i was in school. One of the shops in my canteen offered packets of brownies that were produced by Posh. At first, i didn't really think much of it until i tried it...
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