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Nice hokkien mee  Smile  2013-12-09
This shop is a fish soup shop in the day and a hokkien mee stall by night. The place although not very clean, but the service is good and friendly. This hokkien mee is the super watery kind. But I love this kind! The hokkien mee is ...

Tom Yum dinner  Smile  2013-12-08
This koufu is nice and clean, and the service is very friendly. I like this Tomyum because it is not extremely spicy that i cannot take it, it is just the nice spiciness level. The noodle was a little thick and hard for me, but might be...

Tom yum yum!  Smile  2013-12-05
This shop is located at quite an ulu place near taiseng mrt in a coffeeshop. The place although not very clean or glamourous, but the auntie serving was very nice. She is a Thai! Maybe that's why the food is so good. I ordered a t...
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