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Omurice  Smile  2013-12-31
This set costs 13.90 and there's omelette with rice and chicken, gyoza and soup. The sauce that's drizzled on top of the omelette rice tasted like abalone sauce and the rice was moist within too while the egg tasted just nice. The g...

Jap meal  Smile  2013-12-31
Kimchi chicken hot pot 16.99. The soup base was well flavoured with kimchi and there were tender chicken, soft cabbages, tofu etc in it which were quite nice.  Katsuo Sashimi 6.29. I've never tried this before so I decided to try...

Seafood baked pasta   Smile  2013-12-31
Seafood baked pasta $10+. The seafood consists of prawns, mussels and there's mushrooms too. The cheese taste was distinct but not overpowering on the tastebuds. The portion was quite filling. The biscuit-like bread served at the...
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