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Cakes   Smile  2012-06-25
Craving for some cake and do not want to buy the whole cake because you are afraid that you can't finish ? Try out break talk's mini cake which is easy to handle and comes with a whole range of different small cake (big cakes are ...

Har Cheong Kai   Smile  2012-06-23
Har Cheong Kai is a cantonese dish which is made of prawn paste with fried chicken There’s nothing more satisfying than taking that first bite into a crispy har cheong kai to release the hot juices from within. With Har Cheong K...

McDonald's :DDDD  Smile  2012-06-23
The Mc Bites at mc donald's are now on sale which costs 2 dollars for 20 pieces cheap cheap cheap !!!! i think that the mc bites are better than mcnuggets as it is bite-sized and delicious. Do try it out esp. now !! !! ...
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