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Hokkien Mee  Smile  2012-01-31
This hokkien mee is served pretty wet with lots of the stock soup. I thought the level of wetness is just right. The stock is sweet which makes the noodle delicious. The ingredients in the noodle consists of prawns and squid. The seafo...

Bak Ku Teh  Smile  2012-01-22
This is by far the best Bak Ku Teh I had in Singapore so far. It is always crowded during meal times so to avoid the crowd better be there slightly earlier. The soup base is the white kind and cooked with lots of pepper. One can d...

Cheng Teng  Smile  2012-01-04
Cheng Teng is a good dessert to have given Singapore hot weather. The ingredients in Cheng Teng is known to have a cooling effect as known in TCM. There are quite a lot of ingredients such as dried longgan, barley, lotus seed an...
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