10 out 50 of Asia’s Best Restaurants 2013 are from Singapore
The Oscar’s fever is now over. This time, it’s the foodie community who is buzzing about Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013. Organised by the Restaurant Magazine, the awards ceremony for the F&B industry honours the restaurants which have made a lasting impression in the minds and palates of panellists from The Diners Club® World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy. A prestigious group made up of highly-regarded foodies, chefs, and restaurateurs from 26 different regions all over the world, these individuals give their expert opinion regarding the international restaurant scene. There’s a total of 36 members per region, and each of them can vote for 7 restaurants. At least 3 of these should be restaurants outside their jurisdiction. This year, restaurants in Singapore evidently made an impact on these judges for out of the 50 slots, 10 came from our country. Curious to know which these are? Here’s the list:
Rank #5/50: Restaurant Andre OpenRicer Blackswan says “The essence of the Foie Gras & Perigord Black Truffle was beyond the realm of the exceptional. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Chef Andre, I’ll be back for more!” Cuisine: French Price: $128++ (lunch), $288++ (dinner)

Photo courtesy of The World's 50 Best
Rank #9/50: Iggy’s OpenRicer muchadoabouteating says “Iggy's recently topped the Miele Guide again and like all good restaurants, their food tasted clean and nicely layered. I shall not attempt to describe too much, lest I cannot do justice to it!” Cuisine: French Price Range: Above $100
Photo courtesy of Iggy's

Rank #11/50: Waku Ghin Blogger Daniel Ang says “Waku Ghin’s signature dish, the Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar, is mind-blowing delicious. Every spoonful of the uni just melts in your mouth sensationally, and you feel transported to a gastronomic dreamland.” (To read the full review, click here.) Cuisine: Japanese Price: Above $100

Photo courtesy of Waku Ghin
Rank #14/50: Les Amis OpenRicer huiyuan89 says "Overall verdict: All dishes were well-executed. The chef takes great effort in presenting the best and fresh products to the consumers. I would like to highlight the Obsiblue Prawn which is my favourite dish of the lunch." Cuisine: French Price Range: $55++ (lunch), $75++ (dinner)

Photo courtesy of Les Amis
Rank #22/50: Jaan “This restaurant situated at Swissotel is dedicated to offering modern French cuisine helmed by its Chef de Cuisine Julien Royer. As such, you can expect dishes from the menu which use the freshest ingredients to come up with a culinary masterpiece that blends creativity and tradition.” Cuisine: French Price: Above $100
Photo courtesy of World's 50 Best Asia
Rank #24/50: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon OpenRicer vnuss147 says "We went to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon a while ago to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and totally in love with it. The ambiance, the service, and of course the food, be it the presentation or the taste, everything is so excellently executed!" Cuisine: French Price: Above $100

Photo courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa
Rank #32/50: Shinji by Kanesaka OpenRicer yuri79 says “Their sushi is very famous & every single piece of sushi was an amazing work of art. Served at the perfect temperature .The sushi was fresh while the prawn nigiri was sweet & pleasingly bouncy.” Cuisine: Japanese Price: Above $100

Photo courtesy of World's 50 Best Asia
Rank #35/50: Osteria Mozza OpenRicer thomaschan says “Let me tell you, that the pastry used is created by the celebrity chefs that founded Mozza, this thick crust is tasteful and so crispy, yet fluffy on the interior. Matched with the crunchy and nettles (I have officially fallen in love for these almighty leaves), salami, top-grade cheese and finished with a runny sunny-side up, three words - Best Pizza Ever.” Cuisine: Italian Price: Above $100
Photo courtesy of Osteria Mozza
Rank #43/50: Gunther’s OpenRicer therumblingtummy says “So many memorable dishes that night. If I'd ordered that $80 oyster and went broke the whole bloody month, I've a feeling I won't regret it one bit.” Cuisine: French Price: $80 and above

Photo courtesy of World's 50 Best Asia
Rank #49/50: Imperial Treasure OpenRicer Cherlyn Loves says "Firstly, I must say that their 'Super Peking Duck' really lives up to its name. The skin was utterly delightful and crispy, and the meat was exuberantly tender, it was just amazing. Their other dishes were wonderful too, and was completed with the dessert, which was va-va-voom!" Cuisine: Chinese Price: $31 to $50
Photo courtesy of World's 50 Best Asia

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