7 Affordable Dining Places in Orchard
Working in the Orchard area can be a blessing and a curse. If you have a pocket full of moolah, you can splurge all you want for there are so many restaurants worth your penny. But when you’re on the thrifty side, this town can be a big TEMPTATION. But you know what; you don’t need to spend a hundred dollars every week just to survive in this urban jungle. In fact, you can last a day with only $10 lunch money. Take note: you don’t need to eat crappy food for we have discovered 7 eateries which bring you good food at affordable prices. 1. Orchard Yong Tau Fu Yong Tau Fu with minimum 7 ingredients: $4.20 | Homemade Barley drink: $1.10 Total: $5.30
Tucked within Cuppage Plaza is a stall which has made a name for itself by selling piping hot bowls of Yong Tau Fu to Orchard employees. Every day, the uncle would prepare more than a dozen ingredients all stacked neatly for customers to choose from. These are then boiled in a very flavourful soup with beans in it. Perk up the taste with some chilli or pepper; then savour the hot soup with homemade barley. Photos courtesy of OpenRicers leilaaa, priscilla_chua 2. JTown Café Weekday lunch set (from 12 to 3pm) Total: $4.80
This Indonesian stall in the heart of Orchard serves set meals which are priced for less than $5. A favourite among regulars is the Lunch Set which consists of big portion of Bakmie Ayam – Indonesian-style chicken noodles with meatballs. The servings here are quite belly-filling and come with a drink so you really get your money’s worth. Photo by OpenRicer Calvintimo 3. Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice: $4 | Drink: $1.20 Total: $5.20
OK, so this is not such a hidden gem considering how many rave reviews this stall has received from foodies. Though it’s one of the more popular chicken rice stalls in Singapore, it’s still super affordable. One plate of its signature delicacy costs only about $4; add extra egg for only 50 cents if you want a heavier meal. Photos courtesy of OpenRicers l3ernarcl and SGFoodonFoot 4. Ayam Penyet Ria Ayam Penyet with Nasi: $7.90 | Drinks: $2 Total: $9.90
One thing good about Ayam Penyet’s outlet at Lucky Plaza is that it’s got space. It’s not just some eatery where you see 20 people crammed inside. It has a spacious interior which gives you a bit of privacy. Soak in the ambience while you stuff yourself with the famous Ayam Penyet - one big piece of chicken, vegetable dish, and the uber spicy chilli. Make sure you order drinks because trust us, you’re gonna need it. Photos courtesy of OpenRicers spherepiece and munchmunchmunch 5. Kim Dae Mun Spicy Chicken Set: $6.50
It’s so easy to find this stall at the Concorde Food Court – just follow the long queue of people who can’t wait to sample the Korean offerings. A constant favourite is the Spicy Chicken Set which is served with one side dish, rice, and soup. This is an ideal option for the heath freaks because dishes are cooked in a healthy way – no oil! Photo courtesy of OpenRice imchacha 6. My Favourite Cafe 5 items and one noodle: $3.50 Total: $3.50
This mini café on the top floor of Lucky Plaza is always teeming with hungry foodies, especially during lunch break. Two words explain why: cheap and good. One bowl of yong tau fu with 5 items costs only $3.50. Do try its specialty mushroom and meatballs and have a soupy lunch at this place. Photo courtesy of spherepiece 7. Jane Thai Food Pad Thai, Char Kway Teow, Tom Yum Fried Rice: $5 each | Drinks: $2 Total: $7
Who knew that Orchard Towers is home to some good food? On the fourth level is Jane Thai Food, a small eatery which gives employees in town a taste of Thai cuisine. You can bet that it serves spicy food which range from Pad Thai, Tom Yum Fried Rice, and Salted Fish Fried Rice. For such big portions, these come at a super affordable price of about $5. No kidding. Order it with drinks and lunch will still cost less than $10. Photo courtesy of OpenRicer 1980June
With all the affordable food places we have listed down, it’s really gonna help you cut back on your food expenses in Orchard without sacrificing food quality. See Also: Dine at these recommended restaurants in Orchard Explore these Yong Tau Foo places here
Affordable places in Orchard
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