Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, Hidden Gem for Exquisite <br> Sashimi and Unique Japanese Specialties
If you are a fan of mouth-watering sashimi freshly flown in from Japan, you will have to read on to find out what Fukuya Japanese Restaurant has to offer. Tucked away in the Western part of Singapore at Jurong Country Club, we brought our OpenRicers to this hidden gem to savour some of the restaurant’s signature specialties by the chef!

Fantastic starters made us excited on what's coming up next
The chef created a visual spectacle with his exquisite appetizer beautifully presented in a beautiful glass bowl. Served on seaweed imported from Japan, the Seafood Mayo on Fresh Salad (top) comprises of more than five types of seafood including clams that leave a pleasant and uplifting flavour of unami lingering on the palate. Our appetite was honed to a keen edge when the chef brought out the Gintara Mentaiyaki (bottom) which immediately wowed with the irresistible aroma of torched mentaiko cheese! The titillating fragrance of mentaiko went very nicely with the moist buttery texture of the beautifully grilled silver cod fish.

Japanese dining is not only about tasting the food but of an overall sensory experience
Up next was the Dobin Mushi (top), also known as the Teapot Soup which was served in an elegant mini clay tea set including a teapot and one tea cup. Rather than tea, the teapot held a bountiful treasure of ingredients - a huge dried oyster among mushrooms and other vegetables that gave the soup a natural sweetness.

Seafood Sashimi and Sushi so delicious that we can't stop raving about them
At Fukuya, the chef is very demanding towards exacting high quality standards, so only the freshest seafood flown in from Japan is served. Two sashimi platters that really hit the spot: The Fukuya Tokusen Platter (7 kinds of sashimi) (top)Toro, Uni, Botan Ebi, Salmon Belly, Katsuo Tataki, Shima Aji & Tai – accompanied by the chef's homemade shoyu truffle sauce which enhances the natural flavour of the sashimi. And also the Fukuya Aburi Sushi Mori (5 kinds of sashimi) (bottom)Salmon, Anago, Akami, Buri Belly + Unkan Uni & Ikura Topping – prepared part grilled and part raw for an awesome contrast of flavour and textures on a plate.

We were treated to awesome Kyoho Ice Cream from Japan at the end of our meal.
It is not all about sushi and sashimi at Fukuya Japanese restaurant. Fukuya Seafood Ramen (above) is one of the signature dishes here that you just have to try for yourself. The robust broth is rich, almost intense and rounded off nicely by the vegetable blend which balances the overall flavour. Our meal came to a brilliant conclusion with some Kyoho Ice Cream (Japanese Grape Flavour) with crunchy Kuri Kanronni (Boiled Chestnut) (bottom) to give the aromatic sherbet-like ice-cream some texture.

All smiles after an exceptional dinner experience!
“Fukuya” actually means House of Prosperity in Mandarin and indeed all our OpenRicers were left with happy smiles on their faces after such a sumptuous Japanese dinner. If you are looking for great value bento set meals or quality sashimi, you surely have to visit Fukuya Japanese Restaurant. If you are drooling by now, you'll be happy to know that we are rewarding *3 lucky readers each with $100 worth of Fukuya Japanese Restaurant dining vouchers to satisfy your craving! Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win:
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