Hong Kong Desserts: What and Where To Go?
Life holds two rooms; one for improvement, the other for desserts. Separate stomachs for desserts even! Traditional Hong Kong desserts, known largely as ‘Tong Sui’, have always held a popular note with us here, especially with the sprouting of so many Hong Kong dessert chains on our shores. To avoid disappointing your taste buds, know where to go for your desserts worth every buck! 1. Almond Cream
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In Hong Kong desserts, A is for Almond Cream. Its sweet fragrance is most inviting, whilst bearing a smooth and serene surface, almost begging you to take a dip. Though plain looking, a fine line stands between this classic dessert being a hit or a miss. It needs to have a comfortably thick consistency without overflowing sweetness. For a hot and creamy Almond salvation, Hong Kong Sheng Kee and Ah Chew Desserts are some places you should definitely check out. 2. Black Sesame Paste
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Sibling to other famous pastes such as Almond and Peanut, Black Sesame Paste is most distinct with its tar-like appearance, which may intimidate those who are unfamiliar with its inner beauty. Said to play a role in anti-aging and longevity, black sesame seeds are believed to nourish the blood and even aid in re-growing grey hairs to black! Besides a right consistency in terms of thickness, it is key that the paste has a sweet level of perfection without you feeling nauseous five spoons in. Ah Chew Desserts and Mei Heong Yuan Dessert are no strangers to the traditional Chinese dessert scene. With a huge array of both hot and cold desserts, both of them undoubtedly sells one of the best Black Sesame Pastes around. 3. Barley Gingko with Beancurd Skin
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Also known as “Fu-Chok Yi Mai”, this light and nourishing dessert stands as one of the healthier option amongst the lot and is commonly made by mothers. Gingko nuts are believed to aid in memory and blood flow while the silky soft bean curd sheets are said to boost one’s complexion. So ladies, what are you waiting for? You’ll feel right at home with a bowl of Barley Gingko at the busy Liang Seah Street where Ah Chew Desserts is located, or Dessert Hut at People’s Park Centre. 4. Mango Pomelo Sago
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This is easily everyone’s favourite dessert. Made of mango, pomelo, sago, coconut, milk, cream and sugar, the sweet and savoury dessert is a refreshing treat especially on humid days. With a humble level of richness, the mango puree surrounds a mountain of freshly cut mango, with delightful bursts of sago and of course topped with a generous amount of tear-shaped pomelo bits – its bitterness carefully balancing out the sweetness in the dessert. This was a tough decision to make but we decided that the best bowls of Mango Pomelo Sago can be found from, Mei Heong Yuan Dessert and Ji De Chi, which also offers a variation of an ice cream topping! 5. White Fungus with Papaya
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Definitely one of the most classic Cantonese desserts, the White Fungus with Papaya screams healthy in its mellow state, light yet sweet enough without being too bland. Also known as Snow Fungus with variations incuding pear, this sweet soup is known to be nourishing with the ability to improve blood circulation, strengthen your respiratory system and improve your complexion! Make sure your health radars detect Ah Chew Desserts or Ji De Chi for a nutritious dose of White Fungus with Papaya! 6. Tang Yuan
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Also known as Ah Boling, Tang Yuan is a symbol of family reunion in the Chinese culture. These glutinous rice balls are usually filled with sweet or savoury filings of peanut or sesame paste and a common addition to other Hong Kong desserts such as Black Sesame Paste and the classic Singaporean favourite, Tau Huay! Of course, it does well on its own, commonly served in a clear soup doused with sweet saccharine of syrup. Dessert First offers a variety of flavoured rice balls to appeal to the younger generation with options like Homemade Pumpkin or Taro Skin Tang Yuan with Chocolate filling. For those who prefer the traditional Ah Boling, Dessert Hut serves as one of your best bets for a chewy good time.

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