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Hor Fun Noodle Wanton Mee Wanton Noodle
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等級2 2016-10-08
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Came to try as we heard of the ahma who have been selling wanton mee for decades. The ahma is now currently in-charge of ordering and cashiering. (Background info, she is cantonese and pass order to the kitchen verbally in cantonese, ordering in cantonese would be easier if you could)The horfun was great, not much wok hei, but the dark sauce was good. Dumpling was $1 each if you add, or $5 for a bowl (also 5pcs) But the taste of the dumpling, totally worth it ! It has this nostalgic effect.On another visit, i also ordered the wanton mee, i saw the char siew from other's plate, and was not interested (afterall unless roasted stall, most wanton mee outsourced their char siew), so i ordered wanton mee jeng wanton(only wanton, which means no char siew and more wanton ), si yau sok yau (豉油熟油, which some barchormee stall calls white or black version without vinegar). Most people after hearing i order white version, they be like "huh never put anything nice meh?".It is the real test to the taste, depending on how the cook prepare, it could taste heavenly. It could include but not limiting to lard, fried onion oil, sesame oil, fried garlic oil, soya sauce. All these make up to a good bowl of noodle 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-06-14
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I got to know about this stall from a TV programme. The stall is founded by the elderly lady boss of 80 plus. They are not only specialised in wanton mee but bee hor fun too. I decided to try their bee hor fun instead. The hor fun was served in flavourful black bean sauce with fresh tasting strips of tender beef. The dish goes so well with the green chilli. The only pity is the lacking of wok hei. I guess it is because they are using electric stove and that is why. 繼續閱讀
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This is a memorable dinning moment for me because i used to be eating this particular wanton noodle when they were still at the coffee shop right beside the old National Library many many years ago with my parents. We were supporters of her wanton noodle then.It was a feeling of familiarity when i was at there the other day. They are located at a corner with al-fresco dinning tables along the sidewalk at Far East Square now. I recognized Madam Leong, the founder of Nam Seng Noodle House. She was taking order, giving orders to her helpers and serving the dishes when ready as well as collecting payments all by herself. I could not quite believe she is 82 years old now. Though she is of the same age with my Grandma but she is so much healthier and active than my own Grandma. She was recently featured in a TV Show. In that show, it was mentioned that she started selling wanton noodle when she was 29 years old till now for a total 53 years now. Madam Leong started it at Catholic High School at Queen Street in 1957 then moved to National Library in 1959 and moved to Joo Chiat Place for 3 years before invited to operate at Far East Square by Mr Chia Boon Pin of Far East Organization.She mentioned that it has always been the same recipe all these years. The sauce mix is part of her secret recipe using soya sauce and sesame oil as part of it, the taste is pretty light but flavourful. She insisted in serving her noodle in its original taste and not using chilli to mix her noodle. She left it to her customers to self help with the chilli sauce and the green cut chillies. The pricing for her wanton noodle is at $4.00 and $5.00 now. It is definitely much more expensive as compared to those good old days. I think it is still worth the every cent for such an old school plate of wanton noodle at one of the oldest wanton noodle stalls served by most probably the oldest hawker in Singapore. Never judge her wanton noodle by its appearance, it might looked kinda plain and boring as you do not see the usual red or even black color even after you mixed it well with the sauce mix. I went with my partner on that day. He has never tasted her noodle before. He was a little turned off by the presentation and so, he had his first mouthful with reservation. I asked him after he swallowed that mouthful, he agreed that this is an above average wanton noodle. However, taste is personal.I can distinctively taste the eggy taste in her noodle. The texture was rather springy and al dente just exactly how i liked it. Though chilli sauce is provided but it is best to eat it on its own as intentionally prepared by Madam Leong in that old school way. It is still the taste that i once remembered. The filling of her wanton was seasoned very lightly with the white pepper, soya sauce and sesame oil etc. The skin for the wantons was a little thicker than most of other wantons with a familiar taste of yesteryear. The Char Siew might not be the best tasting but i liked the slight sweetness and its tenderness. Simple yet flavorful. Madam Leong is still going to market every morning to get her ingredients and involved in supervising the preparation process. Madam Leong is not doing much cooking now but left it to her helpers. She speaks cantonese but she does understand simple mandarin. As long as Madam Leong is still there, i will be back. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-06-26
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The Venison Hor Fun at Nam Seng Noodle House in Far East Square taste really good. It is always crowded on all the weekdays and you expect to see a queue for the food. The hor fun is soft and the sauce is really good, without being too salty. It costs $4 for a plate of it and the portion is just right. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-11-29
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Wondering what exactly venison is?Its actually deer meat.Not really the usual kind of meat to eat with hor fun, but having tried once - I'll gladly return for more!The meat was rather plump, tender and juicy!Texture tasted similar to beef but I guess venison are slightly more 'moist'Gravy was one of a kind, some sort of thick dark gravy with extraordinary fragrance.The hor fun was silky smooth on it's texture and it simply slides down your throat with the savory gravy!Must try here! 繼續閱讀
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