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南蠻亭為您提供正宗的日式烤串文化。我們可能是新加坡第一家經營最久的日式烤串店。我們第一家位於遠東商業中心五樓的店創始於1983年;而在2016年,我們在唐城坊開了第一家分店。 繼續閱讀
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Gyu Tongue Set Sashimi Don Set Unaju Set Yakitori Bento
食評 (17)
等級3 2014-02-18
131 瀏覽
The set lunch bento is very interesting and colorful. Comes with yakitori and 3 types if rice. The grill is done on the spot after your order. The sashimi set is very fresh. However the set lunch is very popular and the restaurant is not big. Hence be prepare to Q for the set lunch. Reasonably price at $13.90++ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-13
68 瀏覽
Nanbantei is possibly the oldest Japanese Yakitori Restaurant in Singapore.Entering the simple wood furnished outlet, you can see that seats are limited in this small and comfy restaurant. Simplicity is the core of Japanese cuisine. I’m very glad that they accept seat reservations if not I’d probably be eating Tori-Q instead. The ventilation system is also strong, sucking away any of the smoke from the grill; an absolute must for a Yakitori restaurant.A huge variety of skewer yakitori and sashimi to choose from, Nanbantei excels on the simplicity of it's seasoning and ingredients, depending largely on freshness of the raw base component. The chefs just whip out whatever the order is, salts and peppers it then slaps it on the grill. That's pretty much the entire cooking process.Not exactly cheap also for Japanese Yakitori, but it's a treat to see 2 live chefs grilling your food in front of you.For full review and more photos, please visit http://sethlui.com/food-review-nanbantei/ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-01
51 瀏覽
Nanbantei is a small cozy restaurant that has a good reputation for good yakitori, grilled skewered food, which explains the perpetual queue, and the need for luck to get seats without prior reservations...Went with 6 of my bestie to celebrate birthday... Miso Soup --> pleasant. Around the same standard as those better entry level Japanese eateries... Fresh sashimi moriawase and the potent wasabi...Great combination again. 5 stars for its presentation too... The chicken was tender and the leaks were cooked through well, but the sauce was dense and obscured the chicken taste... were truly exceptional, fresh & crispy... The assorted yakitori were grilled wonderfully - all the sticks we ate had slightly charred exteriors yet the interiors were still juicy and there's a mild charcoal taste to heighten the taste of the meats... is normal pea...Their yakitori is the best, worth the try.... 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-22
64 瀏覽
A humble looking Japanese restaurant from the outside, Nanbantei is well known for their yakitori and as a fan of that, I decided to check it out and see how good it is. It was after peak hour when I visited this place and thus it was quite empty except for a few other diners. There's a big BBQ section right in the middle of the place, the chef show casing how they "bbq" the yakitori. You might smell of bbq after the meal since the section is just like right infront of it. Ordered the yakitori bento, consist of enough meat and rice to last me to dinner. Prefer the rice to be stickier though. Meat is grill nicely but a bit too dry for the pork. Overall, I don't know if my expectation is too high for yakitori but I feel it is an average restaurant for me though.. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-04-30
35 瀏覽
Went for a department lunch at Nanbantei with colleagues. The place was quite cramped and small, but is nicely furnished.Ordered the yakitori bento set, the food is pretty nice and the price is reasonable considering that it is a restaurant in Orchard area. Opinions from colleagues who tried other bentos were good as well.Will definitely go back again with my family. 繼續閱讀
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