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等級3 2013-12-31
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It was a dizzy Monday and I had no idea to eat for lunch.Just walked to Food Republic, Wisma and decided to try the bbq chicken.Ordered their set meal, half chicken with rice, costs $6.50.Actually, It's quite huge lunch for me I always love bbq chicken meat, so will never fail to try it.The chicken is quite tender & juicy. The vege salad also quite fresh.Overall, satisfied with my lunch and I'll visit there again. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-24
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I was at the Food Republic at Wisma Atria and this stall quickly caught my eyes due their huge grilling rack of Chicken Wings.I decided to order their set of Chicken thigh with rice instead of Chicken Wings with Rice as this set is slightly cheaper and I thought the meat from Chicken Thigh would be more tender and juicier.However I regretted my decision when I opened up my rice box.The meat is tender and nice, but I would rather they not cut up the meat. I would prefer to have my Chicken Thigh in whole so it will be juicer and I can enjoy tearing it up with my teeth.The portion of the Chicken looks quite small as well.. as the meat were already cut into pieces, I cant tell how big it is originally. Overall the meat is nice, and the rice is fragrant too, but I would order the Chicken Wings set the next time I visit this stall. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-10
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I bought a total of 4 chicken wings and 15 stays for 4 of us to share. Both the dished were quite nice and the satay sauce blends really well with the satay. The price is also considered to be reasonably priced. The total amount was $16.50, however the staff there took a really long time to get the amount right. The first time she collected the money with adding in the chicken wings and she even had to ask for help from her colleagues to calculate for her. But her colleague was not really good in maths either. She collected $20.50 from me initially and then she recalculated and realised she calculated $4 extra. I think they shld seriously brush up on their maths. Lucky it was the odd hours and there was not much people in the queue. I am quite pleased with the food and the only thing i hate is the maths part. So if you are planning to buy from this place, i suggest u do ur own rough calculations 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-03-06
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Who can resist patronizing a stall with such an auspicious moniker for a name? Huat Huat sells rojak too but chicken wings are the crowd favourite here. Everything is freshly done only after the customer has placed his order and paid for it. We were given a receipt & asked to return 15 minutes later to pick up the food. Then the lone stall-holder proceeded to fix three marinated chicken wings on the rottissier's skewer & placed the latter on the griller.Huat Huat's BBQ chicken wings are worth every minute of waiting time. Our order of chicken wings had an enticing, char-grilled aroma and were plump, juicy & tender. The ginger juice & Chinese wine in the marinade gave the chicken wings a toothsome, morerish flavour that left us hankering for a second helping. Our only regret was not ordering two wings for eaour two at one go.ch of us, so we could devour two at one go. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-11-30
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I'm probably one of the few people who can eat Kueh Pai Tee and Satay for lunch. I haven't been to Wisma Atria in a while and after walking around the foodcourt at the top level, I couldn't decide on what to eat. So I ended up just ordering a Kueh Pai Tee and Chicken Satay which came up to $11+.The Kueh Pai Tee was filled with lots of egg and the turnip filling was also rather tasty. It's not comparable to the Kueh Pai Tee you get at Goodwood Park hotel but I think that the standard here is quite good for a foodcourt. One thing that wasn't that good was the "basket" which was not crispy enough and quite soggy. It was also quite a waste that they served the Kueh Pai Tee in plastic take-away containers instead of a plate.The Chicken Satay was quite pathetic to say the least. The meat was little and the Ketupat was sub-standard. There wasn't much BBQ flavour to the chicken satay and it was as if they had just grilled it over and electric pan. Their BBQ Chicken Wings looked really good though and I regretted not ordering that instead. 繼續閱讀
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