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BBQ Chicken Wings
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等級1 2013-09-18
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Walking around the food republic to crave for delicacies, the aroma from this shop attracted us. The chef was grilling tons of chicken wings. We just simply couldn't resist its temptation. Price: $1.5 per wing. Minimum purchase: 3 Quite reasonable~Taste: The skin was crispy and greasy The meat was tender and soft with a tad of sweetness from honey. It was awsome! 繼續閱讀
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等級5 2013-08-09
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Because it was peak hours, it is wiser to purchase freshly barbequed chicken wings (so that the turnover is quick). they sell really decent Chicken Wings with savory garlic chilli, though i felt they should have an augmented service providing tissue paper or at least lime in which we can squeeze onto the wings. quite affordable price in the central shopping district, about $1.50 per pc. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-29
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I was having lunch with my friends, and thought of sitting down a little longer after our meals to relax, so one of us went to queue up for the BBQ Chicken Wings. The queue was rather long, but what was surprising was that they actually sell many other types of food other than BBQ Chicken Wings although they've named themselves so.BBQ Chicken WingsDecent Chicken Wings with savory garlic chilli! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-23
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I visited Food Republic on a late Sunday afternoon because I had a carrot cake craving. I was surprised to note that the carrot cake was not sold at the hokkien mee/char kway teow stall but instead the BBQ chicken wings stall. Firstly, the person at the stall took an extremely long time to take my order, and even after taking my order she took AGES with it. People who had ordered after me had already gotten their orders -to make things so much worser, she was rude to the customers, grunting a "popiah" before slapping it onto the glass counter without even a smile or worse, a thank you to the poor chap who probably just wanted to satisfy his popiah hankering on a Sunday.Disgusted by their service and their utter lack of courtesy (she basically rudely (yet again) grunted "$4" to me during payment), I was hoping that their carrot cake would make up for it. I was wrong.It was filling enough though, for a portion of $4 albeit the thickness! A special mention would go to their chilli -it has a hint of lime juice in it, with a bit of garlic. Apart from the fact that it was seasoned enough, and had plenty of egg (which was nice, honestly), the whole carrot cake is not only nothing special, but also nothing above mediocre. In my opinion, carrot cake has to be garnished with spring onion -but this had no such thing.Ambience wise I've always loved this Food Republic, the ceilings are high and its spacious enough for you not to feel hopelessly claustrophobic during the peak dining hours. It also has an extensive selection of stalls to choose from, and the prices are pretty reasonable for a food court in town ranging from $4.50 to as high as slightly shy of $10. For this BBQ Chicken Wings stall, i would definitely wish to see better service. It's a real pity though, because I wouldn't go back for the carrot cake -but while queuing, I discovered the chicken wings that they were selling @ $3.30 for 3 (min. order). It looked tasty and smelled delicious -maybe I would have been better off having a go at the chicken. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-10-17
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I wanted to have some snacks and the BBQ chicken wings sold by this stall looked good. But when I noticed that the minimum order for the chicken wings was 3 pieces, I decided against buying it as I thought I couldn't finish them. Then I realised that they sell Popiah so I bought one, $2.00 each.It tasted a little sweet. It was ok nothing really special. But still it's not bad for a snack. The next time when I'm a little hungrier, I will try the chicken wings. 繼續閱讀
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