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Chicken Rice
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等級1 2016-04-10
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Food average but service very poor! Ordered half chicken with rice for two persons and one packet of roast pork with chicken for my kid. Took one pocket of extra chili which kid love a lot chili with chicken rice. It was snatched back by the women and saying not enough for those queuing behind. Dun understand why upset a customer whom bought half a chicken with away packet , just for a packet of chili. As there is a Chinese saying, 怕人吃饭,就不要开饭店。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-17
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FoodAlways give this shop a miss due to its long queue. Sustaining a chicken rice stall business in Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre is definitely not an easy staff as there are a few well known stalls selling chicken rice too.The basic bowl of a chicken rice at S$2.00 is the attractive part. Is it the main reason of the long queue? Let's see. Requested for the chicken wing portion and was charged at S$3.00. Portion of meat was pretty alright with meat tender and not too oily.2 plates of chicken rice with a big bowl of soup. What I like about the soup is that it's quite original, with little or no MSG added. The chilli was rather spicy and makes a great pairing with the chicken.I had the S$2.00 (basic portion) of the chicken rice. The portion tells me what I pay is what i get. Rather pathetic portion but fair enough, due to the pricing. As the lady opened the rice cooker, immediately the aromatic rice fragrance had caught hold of my stomach. Making use of the pandan leaves, the rice are much nicer.ServiceThere were 4 pax manning the stall. The lady who was taking order was rather efficient. She is also the one helping us to take the utensils and chilli. Customers do not need to take the utensils themselves.AmbienceAlways packed with people during the weekends. However, due to recent carpark upgrading exercise, the crowd had minimized.PriceI would say S$2.00 plate of chicken rice was rather rare nowadays. However for small eaters, they may go for the basic pricing plate of chicken rice.Recommendation / TipsTemperory Carparks are located between orchard grace school and the old carpark. The old carpark is undergo renovation and a new multi-storey carpark will be implemented. 繼續閱讀
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