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Mr. Lim Choon Ngee & Mdm Cher Yam Tian started their seafood restaurant along the Kallang River with just a couple of kerosene lamps, wooden tables and stools. The seafood was cook using an open charcoal fire at that time. As the number of seafood lovers grew, the restaurant was then relocated itself to Bedok Beach (before the reclamation of land, now the ECP) along Upper East Coast Road. 繼續閱讀
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Black Pepper Crab Chilli Crab
食評 (13)
等級1 2017-06-17
823 瀏覽
辣椒螃蟹風靡新馬泰,作法不難,各家各施各發,各有熟客。唯獨Roland堪稱此佳餚之原創。慕名前來,一嘗之下邊知巧妙。坊間不少辣椒螃蟹用番茄和辣椒醬調味,確實可口也大眾化。而Roland的辣椒螃蟹用自家的豆瓣醬做基礎,吃起來更鹹香辣,是大人的味道。因此,你可以放棄白飯。多叫幾個香酥炸饅頭。脆香饅頭沾醬汁吃,很容易停不下手。 Roland應該主要靠口碑。位置相當奇怪,位於停車場六樓。裝潢挺有80年代酒家風味。週末11am開門,早去的話有包場feel。 繼續閱讀
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公幹到星加坡,我哋來自香港嘅話想食胡椒蟹,當地夥伴:問使唔使要豪華場面?我哋話最緊要好食!果然佢哋冇介紹錯去咗一個,好似香港啲公共屋村咁樣嘅商場嘅地方,係停車場行搭𨋢上,去真係完全係領匯長嘅格局,但係一上菜第一碟,已經知道呢間野不得了,在場胡椒蟹、咖喱蟹、同埋有薑蔥蒸蟹,蟹肉紮實甜美、非常新鮮,因為胡椒蟹、辣椒蟹、味濃菜式,係好多食肆都可以以味憹掩蓋左係食物本身嘅鮮味,甚至乎有啲不良嘅老闆就搵啲唔係太正嘅貨色,你加入咖喱味一般人都已經會收貨,呢間叫東皇,超過開業50年,仲係聲稱係original 就係始創嘅胡椒蟹, 的而且確上菜嘅熱度非常之熱,但係呢就唔會過老、過鞋,保持到海鮮嘅鮮味,胡椒蟹又好,咖喱蟹,都能夠說得出唔會發妹仔大個主人婆嘅後果,其餘都點左其他啲啱炒菜,都係非常之吸引,有一碟魷魚仔,雖然以為會係都係啲油炸或者係好鹹嘅感覺,但係食落冷落啲與魷魚仔好鮮味,總結呢餐係超值,只要你唔介意佢比較遠離市區一點點及場面比較舊,隔離包房仲有傳來陣陣70年代嘅國語歌聲添,卡拉OK緊,整體來講服務,清潔,食品質素係非常之好超值,肯定好過好多所謂大排檔貨色,但係價錢又唔會係去到啲特色食肆嗰啲殺人海鮮收費。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-11-25
1039 瀏覽
If you are looking for delicious chili crab, you may want to try Roland Restaurant‘s famous chili crab! Their chili crab is fresh and succulent. The gravy is filled with thick and luscious eggs and it goes very well with deep fried man-tous. The crabs are cracked up enough so that you do not need to use the pincers to crack it yourself. Price of the crab is dependent on the season. Currently is about $45/kg. Another dish worth mentioning is their seafood mee sua, it is filled with fresh seafood ingredients and scrumptious. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-15
683 瀏覽
Roland Restaurant is da BEST place to enjoy Chili Crab!! The chili crab is fresh, big and sweet. The sweet and spicy gravy is thick and mouthwatering with lots of eggs. The Pomfret in 2 Ways is another highly recommended dish. One side is deep fried with superior sauce, while the other side is stir fried with broccoli. The fish is fresh and luscious. The Crispy Chicken in 2 Styles is one dish that Roland Restaurant invented. The chicken skin is spread with minced prawn paste while the chicken meat is cook with salted egg. Delicious! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-08
487 瀏覽
For photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com (:Roland Restaurant was one of the 4 most famous Chinese restaurants in Singapore, along with Red Star and Lai Wah if i'm not wrong! (: i have no idea which is the last restaurant which completes the quartet though! since we were in the east on sunday, we decided to pop by Roland for dinner (: haven't eaten there for quite a long time! but the one thing that stuck in my head since my last visit was that their rice is of super high quality!!! seriously! i had never tasted such nice white rice before! this time when we went to the restaurant, we didn't eat rice (because we ordered hor fun instead), but i'll never forget how the rice was just so fragrant and tasty just on its own. first dish we ordered were the salad prawns! crispy prawns slathered with sweet mayo, on a bed of honeydew and cucumber, and BEST OF ALL, topped with fried/roasted walnuts! this dish was really awesome! (: i loved it dipped in the chili provided as well (:i don't really know what the vege dish was called, but it's like mini xiao bai cai, in this really yummy sauce-soup base and topped with huge chunks of grilled garlic. the sauce was superbly tasty, and very nutritious. i was so tempted to drink it all up xD and the grilled garlic on top was nicely crunchy and tasty. forget garlic breath! i was somewhat disappointed with the sweet and sour pork here. considering it is such a common dish, which typically tastes good everywhere, i would have expected more from such a good restaurant. Sadly, i felt this dish was just mediocre. the chunks of pork seemed rather hard, rather than crispy.the beef hor fun was saucy and fragrant, and this is probably one dish that is difficult to go wrong (: the slices of beef were nice and tender!ordered orh nee for dessert! but i was kinda disappointed with it. the yam paste itself was nice, but because it was in some sort of corn sauce (which i don't really like!) so it didn't really appeal to me xP 繼續閱讀
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