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Sweet Talk started out many years ago during the bubble tea craze. It sells a large variety of bubble tea, such as peach milk tea, passionfruit green tea, regular red tea. 繼續閱讀
09:00 - 22:30
09:00 - 22:30
Honeydew Sago Passionfruit Red Tea Peach Milk Tea
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等級4 2013-12-23
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Sweet Talk was one of the few bubble tea chains to survive when a lot of shops went bust after the bubble tea craze died down. This is before brands like Koi and Gong Cha appeared again to ignite Singaporean's love for bubble tea.Anyway Peppermint Chinchow ($1.50) is a unique concoction by Sweet Talk. It is both sweet and refeshing. The chinchow is sweet and the peppermint syrup makes it a very minty drink. It is a good drink for when the weather is hot and humid. Good for quenching thirst! They also add chin chow bits and so its like besides drinking, you get these jelly bits to nom on too. But i find that the drink can be a bit inconsistent. It can be a bit diluted or tastes great with the right ratio of ice, chinchow and peppermint syrup. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-25
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Ching Tng from sweet talk has always been my favourite drink during my school days. There was a period of time when Sweet Talk doesnt offer Ching Tng anymore and thus I had stop my patronization. As I happen to walk pass sweet talk today and was rather surprised to see that its available, without hesitation, i queue up and purchase a cup of it. Sweet Talk's Ching Tng is rather special to me as they have a very strong dried Longan favour in their drink. Their standard had been well maintained over the years. Cost at $1.50 per cup, The disadvantage of having Ching Tng through a disposable cup is that the ingredients are all covered by the ice and its quite difficult to reach them just by using the straw alone. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-01-17
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Honey Dew Sago or more affectionately known as 蜜瓜西米露 This is the only flavour that I will order from Sweet Talk because I find this the nicest and most worthy to be bought flavour. $1.50 for a cup. It's quite funny because it's a flavour that helps you cut queue. How so, you may ask. Every time I ordered this (about three or four times), the staff will produce one cup of it magically from a fridge instead of preparing it in front of you. It's almost zero wait time. The queue here is also either very short, clears very fast, or non-existent. Basically no problem of waiting too long like the popular Gong Cha/ KOI. Why I like it: Sweet enough, has the fruity honeydew taste, milky coconut taste, chewy sago and super cold - a good blend of everything I like in a drink.There are also seats around the area to sit down and drink at. But usually I will just buy and bring it home to enjoy since it's just next to the interchange. (Or to drink on the bus oops :X) 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-06-02
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Brought a cup of the peach yoghurt drink with pearl. With the first sip, this drink has a light and refreshing taste. The combination of the peach and yoghurt juice produces a unique flavour and is different from others drink stall. The amount of the peach and yoghurt added is sufficiently added, sweetness is acceptable, not too sweet nor bland. As for the pearl, it is quite disappointing as the pearl is overcooked and is too soft and do not have the chewy texture. As more and more bubble tea stall opening in singapore, I think that the popularity will be determine by the choices of tea, quality of the tea, toppings made available and also the customer service provided. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-12-27
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I ordered a cup of almond milk tea from Sweet Talk one day as it’s one of my favourite bubble tea flavours. I particularly like this flavour as it gives me a refreshing and thirst quenching feel every time I take a sip of it. The drink was prepared perfectly by the staff to ensure the almond powder is mixed thoroughly in the milk tea such that the drink feels very smooth in your mouth. On top of that the staff was quite friendly as she is taking my order. 繼續閱讀
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