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Tomorrow is Father's Day, however, I am working so my parents decided to plan it a day ahead. We went to KIMLY SEAFOOD which is near my grandmother's house. Let me roughly introduced what are the food we ordered: 1) Steamed fish: the steamed fish was awesome, soft and sweet and fresh! However, the size of the fish was too small. My family of 8 finished it within 5 minutes.2)Vegetables (in the picture): The vegetable was very bitter and I guessed it was too old however my parents said because it was grown beside bitter gourds so it tends to be slightly more bitter. I am not sure who is right and who is wrong. But I don't recommend you to order this dish. 3) Hotplate tofu4) Pork rib: This dish was too hard and my grandma had a hard time chewing it! Not recommended for elderly.5) Hong Siew tofu - This dish was served after dessert! They totally forgot about this dish! Total spend $100.40 for 8 people.There is free dessert (sweet potato- hot) comes with our order! Overall, the experience was good, even though there was some dishes was below expectation. The environment was very noisy around dinner time. I wasn't hard to get a seat, but there were some regular customers sitting down for drink, which increased the noise level. However, the environment was clean and tidy, I went to toilet too, it was clean and no smell. 繼續閱讀
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