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一家現代時尚的雞尾酒吧,提供各類前衛的精選調製品,即使擁有最挑剔味蕾的食客也會贊不絕口。 繼續閱讀
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At the lobby of Fairmont Singapore, there is this restaurant called Antiote well known for its bar. But do you know it also served tea set?The restaurant offers 2 types of tea sets : The Antiote Tea and The Oriental Tea which costs $45++, and comes with a choice of tea from a selection of TWG tea. Both tea sets are similar except that The Antiote Tea has The Antiote black truffle scrambled eggs, while The Oriental Tea serves a selection of steamed and fried Hong Kong Dim Sum. There is also Children Tea set ($15) but need to pre-order in advance.For tea,Tibetan SecretAn exclusive green and black blendAs dramatic and uplifting as the Himalayan plains, this remarkable delicate TWG black tea is blended with sweet fruits and spicy overtones to soothe and revive the spirit.It tastes slightly gingery spicy.Holiday In ParisAn exclusive white blendRare Yin Zhen and sweet vanilla have been blended as an ode to a leisurely promenade along the cobblestone streets of Paris. Nard and wild flowers decorate this cup with their crisp, floral flavour and leave a heady, perfumed aftertaste.It tastes rather light with a slight flowery taste.For The Antiote Tea set,The Antiote black truffle scrambled eggs is served in black colored egg shell look alike cup, with soldiers by the side. The scrambled eggs smell of truffle and tastes creamy and rich.For The Oriental Tea set,There is pan fried carrot cake which looks slightly over fried as it is a bit too char. The inside is a bit too soft.There is also the fried shrimp fritter which is filled with juicy shrimps. Have it with the delicious chilli sauce.For steamed, there is Siew Mai topped with a piece of juicy scallop.The tea set is beautifully served in box with 3 layers of drawers with different items in each drawer.From the bottom drawer, there is Butter Cookies, Homemade Strawberry Jam, Devonshire Clotted Cream, and Lemon Curd.The butter cookie is melt in the mouth with a milk powder taste.In the middle drawer, there is the pipping Warm Raisin and Candied Ginger Scones.The ginger scone is not overpowered by the ginger, just a hint of it. It tastes very nice with just the rich clotted cream and slightly tangy lemon curd.In the top drawer, there isSmoked salmon, lemon and dill cream cheese, ikura roe,Boston lobster roll, confit lemon, chervil,Iberico ham quiche, mozzarella, black truffle,Confit duck rillette, foie gras terrine, pickled onions,and Coronation curried chicken, apple.Surprisingly my favourite item here turns out to be the plain looking quiche which quite a nice taste of the truffle.On top of the drawer, there isStrawberry gateau,Limoncino Napoleon,Cappuccino comtessa,Framboise lychee macaron,Red cherry rose ball,Karukera chocolate mirror tart,Chocolate pralines, andChocolate-dipped strawberry.Unlike the usual macarons with over the top sweetness, the one here is not too sweet with a melt in the mouth texture.Overall the tea set is quite tasty and pretty looking. The armchair is quite comfy and roomy. Service is not bad with the staffs checking on us from time to time. Remember to check out the unisex restroom before leaving. It has a rather interesting 2-in-1 Dyson tap. Besides being a tap, it's also a dryer. 繼續閱讀
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The resident hotel bar of The Fairmont Singapore hotel, in Raffles City, Antiote bar is a stylish, modern, bespoke cocktail bar, located at the ground floor lobby of the hotel. Helmed by award-winning mixologists / bartenders Tom Hogan and Bannie Kang, Antiote bar, which opened in January 2014, offers more than just creative cocktails, but surprisingly decent bar food and high tea, all in a sleek, sophisticated setting.Ambience at Antiote bar is modern, classy, sleek, and sophisticated. With a colour theme of black and gold, comfortable and plush seats, clean lines, Peranakan batik print motifs, and the open show kitchen, Antiote bar offers a lot to look at, beyond the good-looking folks! The beautiful 26,000-piece crystal chandelier and fully-stocked liquor display is eye-catching, and lends a touch of luxury.Service at Antiote bar is efficient and professional, as befits its classy feeling. Staff are quick to greet and seat guests, and have basic working knowledge if asked about cocktails, drinks, or food. The menu cards are informative and detailed, though the low ambient lighting makes reading slightly difficult. Staff do take off-menu requests, if you know what you want, the bar will attempt to recreate it!Food at Antiote bar mostly consists of modern, contemporary light bar snacks / tapas, and desserts, both Western and Asian style. Portions are designed for sharing. And while Antiote bar has various types of liquor, the stars here are their creative, hand crafted, award-winning cocktails, made with fresh ingredients, some of which are from their very own herb garden! Prices are comparable to other bars, budget about SGD $55 per person for 2 drinks and a snack.For the Hwa Chae Cocktail (SGD $23), Bannie Kang has drawn inspiration from the traditional South Korean fruit punch. Her version is made with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, lemon, maple syrup, pineapple juice, watermelon, and beer! The result is a light, fruity, refreshing, and thirst quenching beverage; sweet and fruity in taste, yet complex with the malty, smooth fusion of rum and beer. With no bitterness and no lingering alcohol burn, this works both as an apertif / starter, or as a dessert beverage.The Corpse Reviver #2 Cocktail (SGD $23) is fruity and refreshing cocktail, made with absinthe, gin, home made orange liqueur, lemon juice, and home made vermouth, topped with orange peel and a sprig of rosemary from their in-house herb garden. This aptly named concoction is a great starter cocktail, perking up the palate, and pairing surprisingly well with the dishes here! Full Antiote review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/10/antidote.html 繼續閱讀
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For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/12/afternoon-tea-at-antidote-fairmont-hotel.htmlIt has been a while since we last had hi tea on a leisurely afternoon like this, sipping tea/coffee and catching up with sistas over delicious nibbles. So here we are at Antidote, Fairmont's new snazzy cocktail bar by the lobby to enjoy their new Afternoon Tea menu.They have beautiful crockery sets for afternoon tea, perfect for the ladies! The Afternoon Tea set $38++ ($75++ with a glass of champagne) comes with a choice of beverage (free flow), from a selection of premium TWG Tea, Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate drinks. I had the Hot Chocolate, and it was good!TWG TeaHot ChocolateCappuccinoThe food menu has 3 variants, Antidote tea with Black truffle scrambled eggs & butter toasts as starters, while the Oriental tea has a 3pcs Dim sum set (Shrimp har gau, Chive dumpling & Scallop siew mai), and the Regal tea ($75++) has the Smoked salmon w/ caviar, blinis, crème fraîche for starters. The rest of the sweets and savories are the same.Two of our sistas picked the Scrambled eggs, which comes nicely presented in an egg shaped holder with the egg shell intact. Feedback from them, the egg was very creamy and toast sticks were a tad oily if eaten alone w/o dipping into the egg mixture. Overall still quite nice when taken with the aromatic black truffle.I am not a fan of creamy buttery stuffs so my choice is the Oriental set, and the handmade dim sum morsels stuffed with premium ingredients were superb. The bamboo basket was served on a pretty Jap style tray...cool.When we're done with our starters, the waiting staffs then serves up the most anticipated Sweets and Savories tea set in an exquisite white leather jewelry chest. At the top of the chest is a reflective mirror duplicating every hand crafted item into two, an extremely genius way of presenting intricately made desserts. Hidden in the individual drawers were savory finger sandwiches & rolls, scones, pound cakes and cookies, all laid out in an eye pleasing manner. Photo taking frenzy ensues...Let's check out what's available in the chest for tea!On the top Strawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearlApple delight, almond crumbleKarukera chocolate mirror tartEarl grey éclairAntidote rum babaChocolate-dipped strawberriesHandmade trufflesYuzu macaronsThe desserts are almost too pretty to eat, I personally liked the Karukera chocolate tart, Strawberry gateau cake, Apple almond crumble and Chocolate-dipped strawberries. The rest are not as impressive as they look, especially the Antidote rum baba and Yuzu macarons were way too sweet for my liking.First drawerSmoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviarBoston lobster roll, herb mayonnaiseCucumber and dill salad, cream cheeseProsciutto, onion jam, aged cheddarCoronation curried chickenThe savories were better, other than the Cucumber sandwich with cream cheese which I don't eat, all of the rest were really delish, and my fave was the mini lobster roll.Second drawerWarm raisin Scones & Candied ginger Scones and Lemon basil pound cakes.The ginger scones were a nice change from the usual ones we see from regular afternoon tea, the ginger fragrance lingers on the palate a little, quite a delight to eat even though it was buttery, I musk the smell with the tangy lemon curd and yummy strawberry jam. The Lemon pound cakes were great but rather sweet though.The last drawer contains Homemade strawberry jam, Devonshire clotted cream & Lemon curd to compliment the scones, and two individually wrapped cookies for takeaway.Although the food are not replenishable, one set is enough to fill a regular lady's stomach, all of us were feeling very full at the end of the tea session. At $38++, this is one of the more wallet friendly afternoon tea in town. If you like more sweets than savory, I would highly recommend this place, else I would suggest my current fave afternoon tea place, The Landing Point (Fullerton Bay hotel) for a more balanced sweet and savory mix afternoon tea menu. 繼續閱讀
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Antidote at the newly refurbished Fairmont hotel, is a stylish and modern cocktail bar that has recently launched the new afternoon tea daily from 3-5pm.There're 3 types of afternoon tea set to select from. Antidote Tea ($38++ per person), Oriental Tea ($38++ per person) and Royal Tea ($75++ per person). All the afternoon tea items are the same for these 3 sets except the starter is different. And the Royal Tea set comes with a glass of Champagne which is why it costs so much more...The afternoon tea set comes with a selection of TWG tea and you can only choose those tea priced at $11. Or you can choose any of the 3 choices of roasted coffee (Cappucino, Macchiato, Latte) Coffee/Tea are refillable! Note: You have to stick with the same choice of tea or coffee for refill.The starter is the main attraction than the high tea items. I will give full marks for the unique presentation!The service here was average as the staff were not very attentive, have to try a few times to catch their attention. But they were very polite and made an effort to explain to us what are the high tea items. The latte here was very premium quality, the roasted coffee smells very good! My partner told me this was the BEST latte among so many hotels! So do try their latte when you're there! I would say this is probably 1 of the BEST high tea that you should try!To see all photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/09/afternoon-tea-at-antidote-80-bras-basah.html 繼續閱讀
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Tea-time continues to refresh and entertain. It’s comforting to know that in such a frantic, fast-paced city, everything can still stop for tea. This time, we dropped by Fairmont’s glitzy Antiote Lounge anticipating a splendid afternoon of petite treats and tête-à-tête.The savories and desserts were generally decent. What was most unforgiving was the indifferent service. There was about 8 staff on duty and only 2 tables occupied, but none of them bothered to clear our plates after the first course. Moreover, it took ages to catch someone’s attention for the bill. Overall, we did not have a pleasant experience at Antiote.3 sets are available on the menu; all are the same except for the first course. Choose from black truffle scrambled eggs, assorted dim sum or salmon blinis with caviar. Each set is priced at $38++ and is inclusive of one pot of TWG tea (non-refillable). If the tea that catches your eye is worth more than $12.50, a top up of the difference is required.From the list of close to 40 teas, we ordered a fragrant Genmaicha (Japanese green tea blended with roasted and popped rice) and ethereal White House Tea (white tea blended with fruits and roses).The Antiote tea set features a single scrambled egg, glittered with black truffle, made completed with crisps buttery toast sticks. The lusciously creamy egg had a distinct woody aroma which lingered. Impossible not to love!The Oriental tea set comes with a traditional wooden basket of Scallop Siew Mai, Shrimp Har Gau, Chive dumpling which my dining companion thoroughly enjoyed.The rest of the food arrived uniquely presented in a classy white leather jewelry drawer chest. Each drawer is packed with dainty treats. My dining companion avoids alcohol so the chef swapped the alcoholic desserts for handmade chocolate trufflesThe savory drawer features 5 different varieties of sandwiches-Prosciutto, onion jam and aged cheddarCucumber and dill salad, cream cheese (rye bread spoilt it for me)Coronation curried chickenBoston Lobster rolls with herb mayonnaiseSmoked Salmon with caviar and crème fraicheThe most outstanding was the Boston Lobster Roll, featuring chucks of fresh lobster meat hubbed by a pillowy soft bun. Every mouthful was a delight!Fluffy, light and crusty candied ginger and raisin scones were pretty good too; I particularly enjoyed the former with the homemade strawberry jam, Devonshire clotted cream and lemon curd. The Lemon Basil Pound cake and cookies didn’t quite make an impression though.As for desserts, we had…An enticing Rum Baba, which was superbly moist and gratifying. It’s presentation was engaging as well, as one would have to squeeze the plastic pipette to dispense the rum.Decadent Karukera chocolate mirror tartStrawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearlApple delight with almond crumbleMacaronsHandmade trufflesChocolate-dipped strawberries. The fresh strawberries grant a sweet-zesty left and offer a tongue-tingling contrast to the rich chocolate.If you have little ones, they can join in the fun too. Antiote serves Children’s Tea at $15++For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/09/01/antidote-afternoon-tea/ 繼續閱讀
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