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Artisan Boulangerie Co. is a contemporary bakery with French influences. Led by award-winning artisan baker, Eran Mayer, they employ traditional techniques to bring a wide variety of breads, pastries, morning goodies and snacks to passionate fans every day. 繼續閱讀
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Miso Salmon Fillet Wagyu Burger
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Delightful pastries for lunch, cest génial. This little gem of a cafe, Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie specializes in everything bread, dough and exquisite. With 50 different varieties are available to choose from, be ready to be dazzled and spoilt for choice. Just look at that, I'm sold! Plain Croissant - $2.80While it appears less fanciful than its fellow croissant counterparts like the Sweet Ricotta Croissant, this crispy bread crust modestly took my breath away upon the first bite. The buttery fragrance wafted into my system even before I started eating. Lovely to the last mouthful.Portobello Sandwich - $9.80Impressive in terms of taste, this sandwich bundles rich juicy flavours of cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and sauce together with its soft bread. While it appears small on the plate, it is actually very filling.Salmon and Dill Quiche - $6Quite a delightful pastry that I enjoyed. The salmon is adequately savoury and the bread tasted really fresh from the oven. Loved it and wish I could have a bigger appetite so I could try more! Comfortable, relaxing and private setting for your meals, and it can be considered affordable as most of the pastries are less than $10! Share a few with your friends and you can have both variety and keep your wallet in check. I'm definitely coming back for a second round to try out other pastries.For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-02
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After all the shopping, we decide to stop here for tea. There is quite a selection of pastries and bread on display which makes choices difficult.The place is quite quiet with lots of empty seats. Remember to help yourself to the iced water on the counter.I have the Sweet Ricotta Croissant ($3.80) which has sweet cream cheese inside the pastry. Sweet and soft.Accompany with Lemon Ginger tea ($5) which is quite smoothing on a cold and wet afternoon.R has plain croissant ($2.80) which she feels is not crispy enough.Overall it is quite a relaxing place to have tea. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-03
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New brunch spot for the café-hoppers, this is the latest French bakery adding to the likes of Sophie Bakery, Maison Kayser, Paul Bakery etc. A few doors down from Comcentre opposite the stretch of food places along Killiney, it’s a quiet corner of town that we like, away from the hectic busy Orchard Road.Stepping in to be greeted by a row of pastries and bread, paired with a whiff of coffee aroma, it’s almost a sure sign that we will be chillin’ around in here! Spacious and brightly lit, it was quite an inviting sight for us and a comfy spot for catching up.I’d planned on just getting two tarts but seeing the selection just made us order more and more and we were too full from the high-tea-turned-dinner.Trio of dessert platter we'd ordered!Chicken and Mushroom Pie ($6.50)Served just right as they heated it up for us, we loved the generous fillings with solid chicken cubes and how it wasn’t overly creamy that makes it overwhelming to finish. The insides were tender and fresh, and the flavour was light enough for you to want to finish it. The mushroom taste was pretty subtle too, and I’d liked it that way! The pastry skin wasn’t as impressive though, as it lacked a tad of that buttery aroma and I would have preferred a flaky version of it. A decent satisfying one nonetheless!Apple Turnover ($4.80)Cutting it open right in the middle left us feeling a tad disappointed. Expecting juicy apple cubes wrapped underneath a fragile pastry skin, it was everything opposite. There was only a slice of apple inside, mildly sweet but it feels as though the apple has been undercooked, tasting a little too hard. As it was only one slice inside, it was pretty easy to be separated from the pastry skin, looking pretty empty inside anyway. Both pastry skin and apple slice combined to give a dull bite, pretty disappointing for us! The skin was a tad too thick and lacked that buttery fragrance. I would have personally preferred a flakier version, crisp to the touch though this didn’t manage to deliver.Croissant ($2.60)I’m a fan of crossiants and a French bakery typically meant that this is a must-try on my visit. A plain pastry yet one of the most challenging find for me, I’m pretty hard to satisfy with this. First touch and it wasn’t quite crisp on the outside, it was lucky that we cut open to find soft fluffy layers on the inside. I would have preferred a more buttery version of it, and lighter so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating bread instead of a pastry. A pretty ordinary one that didn’t quite please my palates, I would still stick to my favourite Maison Kayser’s (only the one at Scotts Square though) for now!Brioche Loaf ($6.50)We’ve got a soft spot for bread loaves baked to a deep dark brown so this was almost a must-order as we saw how dark it was. Fine and soft on the inside while having a freshly baked aroma with the dark brown skin, this was a simple one that managed to please all of us.Lemon Tart ($6)This is probably the only thing I’ll come back for, one that made me feel as though having just one isn’t enough! Refreshing with the lemon tang yet rounding off on a slightly sweet note, I like how it was just well-balanced and don’t worry, this won’t make your nose cringe with sourness.Just as I thought the lemon was good enough, it further surprised me with a crumbly biscuit tart, baked fresh and crispy, it was the perfect complement to the soft insides. Refreshing and satisfying to seal the meal!Cappuccino/ Latte ($5.50 each)What’s chillin’ without some coffee? This is probably a staple for brunches these days, perhaps relishing in the idea of sipping coffee while watching the world go past. If you’re one to go for the bitterness in your coffee, this would suit you perfectly. There’s a robust flavour to it, bitter yet rounded nicely with the milk content. The occasional coffee drinkers may find this a tad too strong though I’d loved the aroma of it that caught my nose right when I first stepped foot into the place.I loved how this place is right in town, yet away from the hordes of people. Walking slightly further down along Killiney Road, the ambience certainly caught my attention, a great hideout taking a break in town (at least for now before everyone flocks over). Service was great too, with very attentive staff and keen to get feedback from us. There were of course some misses for the items that we'd ordered, but overall a place that I'll certainly return to for my chill-out sessions with some great lemon tarts! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-11-21
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Great venue to have a long good chat with friends and your love ones as the dining environment is really comfortable and spacious. The service here is excellent as they are super friendly and helpful to all my request. I have bought their corned beef and cheese sandwich and I was really impressed by its huge portion when served to me. For less than $15, this is really affordable. Corned beef is really chewy and fresh. The sandwich buns are soft and firm in texture. Love those white sesame seeds topped on the sandwiches which make it really fragrant. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-31
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Well, i rather take sweet pastry as i am not really a sweet tooth person ( i do eat them but i can live without them). This bakery cafe actually is just a block away from my office =). Happen that i was on half day and so i decided to buy some back for tea break with my mum in the evening on Fri.I did not order their sandwiches but two of the pastries. Cinnamon Bread and their lemon tart. Of cos, these 2 cannot make a good review for this cafe la but just want to share some of my Wooo and Booo haha. Personally, i love their lemon tart. The filling is really smooth. The crust is very soft. Overall i give it a Wooo.i give a little boo for the Cinnamon bread cos i feel like it taste more like croissant than bread. and it is a little hard for my preference. However, it is still quite nice la.Overall :Food : ***Price : ***Customer Service : ***Will i come again ? Yes. to try out other pastries. 繼續閱讀
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