Arriving by Public Bus: #187/856/925/926/950/960/961/963/963E (Bus Stop Number 46529/46521 - Opp Marsiling Station/Marsiling MRT Station) Arriving by Train: Exit B - Marsiling MRT (NS8 on the North South Line) Nearest Carpark: W21 繼續閱讀
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This stall is located at the corner of the coffeeshop (walking distance from Marsiling MRT).  The Coffeeshop had undergone renovation recently and the place is cool now. I used to love the Tom Yum Ramen from this stall. It tasted similar to those instant noodles kind, but it's better with the standard ban mian ingredients such as egg, vegetables & ikan bilis included. However, I must warn all potential foodies - DO NOT dabao! The dish will become soggy, starchy, and disgusting to ingest.This time round, I tried the Dry Ramen ($4.50).This was the first time I tried this dish. It looked like Fuzhou Fishball Noodles fused with Zha Jiang Mian. Awesome! The Fried Wantons were pretty like flowers! The Fuzhou Fishballs were soft and there was soup trapped within! The minced meat was well-marinated and very tasty. All in all, with chilli in the base, the dish was good! If anyone's tired of eating Fishball Noodles (and you're in Woodlands), give this dish a try!Don't be detered by the single cook. She was efficient, and I didn't have to wait very long. I noticed that many of the customers looked like Chinese (from China), probably because the cook is Chinese (she looked like one). The cooking style might have appealed to them. I will visit this stall again to try other dishes such as Ban Mian (many kinds) and Dumplings. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-24
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Recently I have been having handmade noodles quite often for lunch as it is less greasy as compared to ordering hokkien mee and those fried noodles. The handmade noodles here is quite popular with the people here as well. I ordered the normal u mian. The noodles comes with an egg, vegetables, minced meat and ikan bilis. The ikan bilis are crunchy if you eat it immediately. If you want more flavour in your soup, you can soak it beneath the noodles and the soup will become more flavourful. The noodles here are cooked just right hence it is not too soggy or hard. I find the portion quite alright for the price as well with ample ingredients. It is a good choice for lunch in my opinion. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-09-18
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headed to blk 167 for dinner with friend as my friend is very hungry and also i never try before this stall food . so she recommended me say this stall the ban mian very nice ! but i got no mood to eat noodles , i prefer eat rice . so i ordered hotplate pork rice set . its somehow like korean cusine . while my friend ordered ban main set . hot plate pork rice set cost : $4.80ban main set cost : $4.00i like the food very much , as the pork was well cook and it got the chewy chewy taste will i am eating it .the sauce compatible with the pork very well . the hot plate consist of pork and sauce and vegetable ! very good , not everything its meat there's some veg too . while the ban main my friend eat she say very nice . there's seafood in it too. and with $4.00 its very affordable 繼續閱讀
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