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Fish Head Bee Hoon Prawn Paste Chicken San Lou Hor Fun
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等級3 2013-04-23
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Let the food do the talking. XO Sliced Fish Bee Hoon $5, San Lou Hor Fun $5, Prawn Paste Chicken $8. $18 worth of food for 2 pax to share. It can’t get any better when the prawn paste chicken is probably one of the “crispiest” version you’ve tried. More importantly, its not overly oily. The special chilli sauce also brings out the chciken flavour, complemently it very well, somewhat like thai sweet chilli sauce but different. The side kick san lou hor fun is also a performer, with lots of bean spouts to make each biteful crunchy and you will not be disappointed by the decently sized fish slices. The XO soup is not overly too strong and should be manageable by most taste buds. You can opt to have the non milk version and it will taste just as nice. My next visit I would probably want to try the steamed fish head and also pig trotter, saw 2 old folks eating that and I must say it looks real tempting! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-03-04
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FoodBao Gong XO fish Head Bee Hoon Stall is famous for its delicious fish bee hoon! We had brought our european guest for lunch today again. He cant agree with us that the prawn paste chicken is the best among all the food we ordered. The prawn paste fried chicken comes with a lime, we have to squeeze the juice and sprinkled them over them. It was cripsy and the taste was sufficient and juicy.Cripsy Ngoh Hiong is great as well. Have them dip into the sweet sauce, it was rich in flavour and pleasing to our mind. XO taste is abit bland in soup but overall it's still ok. San Lou Hor Fun was moderate as well even though this is one of its recommended dish. My colleague mentioned that the standard of this kind has dropped drastically somehow. Oh Well, I have yet to try their hor fun so I cant comment much to their previous standard. All I can say that the portion is way too big for 4 pax. There were sufficient sliced fish though.Fried tapioca leaves with balacan is oily as it seems and of normal standard.ServiceService is moderate.AmbienceQuite irritated by the houseflies during throughout our lunch. As usual, shop located in the coffeeshop is packed with people especially during lunch hours.PriceAverage price of normal zi char place. Not too steep and still affordable.Recommendations / TipsPrawn paste fried chicken will be my favourite too among all dishes. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-09-30
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How can anyone not tried this famous Bao Gong XO Fish Head Bee Hoon yet? That is this stall signature dish. I ordered mine without the brandy and it still gets me craving for more. At one look, it may looks like some normal fish bee hoon but their broth surprisingly does not contain milk but is made fully from fish stock, bones and the skill of wok! It's simply delicious. Their fish is not the usual thin slice fishes but it's big chunks of snakehead fish. Add on just $2 for some XO brandy to be added and this must be informed before hand during ordering. For a fuller flavour, opt for fish head broth as it's richer compared to the fish slice broth. 繼續閱讀
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