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等級4 2015-02-08
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They have a very extensive list of traditional Chinese New Year goodies, as well as some innovative ones not found anywhere else.  Besides being affordable and fresh, the cookies are delicious as well - there is a wide range of different types of cookies to fit everyone - be it spicy, savoury or sweet.The Spicy Curry Rolls also crackle deliciously, and has an irresistable curry aroma to it, making it very tasty - we could not help popping roll after roll into our mouths.A traditional must-have would be the Premium Pineapple Tart, in lovely marble shapes with glossy sheen and filled richly with pineapple paste. The crust was soft, moistened but firm, making it easy to eat even if one popped the entire tart into the mouth.Another traditional must-have would be the Egg Rolls - here we have the normal version, and the charcoal version. Not a fan of egg rolls usually, I was swooned by this one. Brittle yet gentle, these slim egg rolls do not break into chunks and fly everywhere, like the usual egg rolls; instead, they break softly like cookies, and taste lightly of eggy aroma - not overpowering. The charcoal ones are of similar texture, with a slightly smoky hint to it, a lovely complement.Next, the Almond Butter Cookies, of a loose texture that still retains crunch on the exterior, yet rich on the inside, another delicacy that melts readily in the mouth and fills the palate with a wonderful combination of butter and almond.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/02/chinese-new-year-goodies-from-bread_7.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-12-24
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I decided to try the red bean buns at Bread Garden. To my surprise the buns were really soft and fluffy. The portion of red bean was generous as well and was rather sweet. This is definitely one shop I'll come back to. I have also tried their on-shelf cakes which were pretty good as well. The pastries are always baked fresh to ensure quality. Staff are really friendly and often strike conversations with customers 繼續閱讀
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