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Home to The Whopper - America's favourite burger, Burger King operates more than 30 outlets here in Singapore, all offering their signature flame-grilled goodness. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-11
144 瀏覽
Love how burger king always like to play with words! In their marketing strategy, they've come up with catchy captions like 'Have it your way', to currently my favourite 'WITH THE KING, YOU CAN.'Obviously i believe the owners are definitely believers, because it's similar to a Biblical verse which says, "All things are POSSIBLE with God (the King)!"So my lovely friend and i were walking around that area because we got lost in some beach nearby, couldn't find the train. We met an angellic couple, who was dating and having their couple-time in the beach and my friend and I asked how do we get to the MRT. The couple didn't just show us the way, they DROVE us there! In the car they were hanging some cross key-chain.. and they were sharing about how the burger king's delicious.So we went to burger king for dinner and i was surprised by burger king's attempt to beautify their atmosphere. though i didn't take any photos of the environment, you can refer to other reviews below. the kitchen is an open concept so we can see how the chef prepares our burger, and there's only two counters to serve the long queue.i ordered their promotional a4dable set, which comes with strawberry sundae. i have NEVER been a fan of burger king's ice-cream because it really taste awkwardly milky and slippery and wet and weird. i love their onion rings though! you can change it to onion rings for free. it's only $4.95 with so many items, much more worth it than any other fast-food restaurants!i ordered an additional a la carte of mexican chicken drumsticks... wait did I say drumsticks, DRUMLETS!! AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! i love CHICKEN! it's only for $1.95! the oil was absorbed by the paper and i could feel the juice oozing out when i chew on them.here's the cost breakdown, i was very pleased to be served by a friendly cashier great service, great day! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-04
29 瀏覽
This burger king outlet has plenty of seating, including comfy-looking sofas. There's free wifi here, so it's quite common to see people tapping away at their laptops here while enjoying a meal in a rather serene environment. ARC is rarely crowded during evenings/weekends, so it's a nice place to get away from all the hustle-bustle. We were just planning to have a budget meal, so we chose the promotional items. For just $4.95, you can get a no-frills burger, a pack of fries, a mini sundae & a drink - which is quite worth it, if you are not too particular about your burger.- The BK a4dables mealWe got the BK fish n' crisp burger, changed the fries to onion rings & chose a hot fudge sundae.There's a new promo of two B.K. BOMB burgers for $5, so we tried that as well. It's basically a burger with bacon, onion chips, mayo & bbq sauce.- Our food for 2- A close look at the BOMBWell, the onion rings were good as usual. As for the sundae, it's nice as well. But the fish n' crisp burger definitely loses out to Mac's filet-o-fish. Oh well, what do you expect? It's sold at $1.95 ala-carte, almost half as cheap as the filet-o-fish, so the standard is of course halved la. There was not enough mayo and the buns were a bit dry. Burger was rather small too.As for the "BOMB" burger, there was also not enough mayo & bbq sauce making it a dry burger as well. Oh well like I said, if you are not too fussy about your fast food (and still want it cheap), you can still settle for this. Else, just spend more and order the more premium burgers 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-03-15
25 瀏覽
Burger King at ARC is a great place for a reinvigorating coffee break. Their semi permanent $1.50 offer for a big cup of Cappucino brewed from Seattle's Best Coffee's beans and Farmhouse fresh milk is the BEST value cuppa one can get in the whole of SG, easily twice the volume of the miserable tiny styrofoam cup of kopi at YaKun, at a cheaper price, in a nicer aircon environment and with good quality fresh milk instead of canned condensed milk. Paier it with their Sundae Pie from Hershey's and I got both my caffeine fix and dessert fix for just $4.30. Who needs a trip to expensive Swensens? The sundae pie is a glorious concoction of choc ice cream, meringue, dark Hershey's choc fudge cake on a chocolate biscuit base. Indulgence on a budget! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-06-08
36 瀏覽
I was going to meet my friends at Sentosa for a day out and I was in charge of buying breakfast for everyone. Since my dad dropped me off at Labourdor Park MRT station, with some time to spare, I decided to get breakfast from burger king at this newly opened shopping centre. I was deliberating between the mini breakfast shots and the Croissan'wich and in the end I decided to get the latter (which comes with their coffee). Having tried the mini breakfast shot before, I would say the croissanwich is more tasty since the bread is croissant which is more buttery and fragrant. Also, I liked the turkey sausage in the criossanwich better than the turkey ham in the egg benny mini burger. For those who love buttery breads, I would recommend that you go for the croissanwich! 繼續閱讀
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