Bus Stop: 19011, Blk 19A Carpark. Bus Service Number: 105,106,147,185,NR5,NR8. 繼續閱讀
The stall is located along Dover Crescent 繼續閱讀
06:00 - 20:00
06:00 - 20:00
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等級1 2015-01-09
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love the pratas that is always prepared on the spot after you order. its crispy on the outside and yet chewy and soft on the inside. The curry is.a.must try that complements the dish so well. its prata is also a good size thus value for.money.often wonder why this stall is.not as famous maybe due to its location, just being in a.neighborhood kopitiam.Parking is easy though with a.multistorey carpark right behind the.kopitiam.Do it justice. Go try 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-20
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I think this was quite some time back, around a few months ago. I was with my friend at dover and we went for prata for our breakfast. I ordered one piece of plain prata which costs 80cents if I remember correctly. My friend also ordered one plain prata and we got another egg prata to share between us. The prata was prepared on the spot which ensures that the prata was hot and crispy. The prata is not too doughy and it is actually quite springy to the bite. The plain prata has a little saltish taste to it so I could just eat it plain but of course it is better with curry. The curry is quite fragrant and I think there are different types of curry as well. I am not sure what curry is served to us but it is tasty which is all that matters. Between the egg prata and plain prata, the plain prata wins my vote as I like the unalterated original taste of the prata. For 80 cents, it is a simple and satisfying meal. 繼續閱讀
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