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The owner and Executive Chef of the Western fusion restaurant, Benny Se Teo actively hires delinquents and former prison inmates to work at his restaurant, giving them another chance at life, without discrimination. 繼續閱讀
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Baked Rice Seafood Pasta
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等級2 2017-05-07
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Well.. I was in for the double cheese adv, since it says we can choose the content. And the food on other 's table looks nice.Chose single cheese fusilli as the base, for me a first timer not sure it's "standard cheese " and don't want it too much. And added vege and sliced beef. Overall everything was just ok.. in a restaurant I'd say it's fair for the price, but I would rather choose the foodfare NTUC downstairs. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-19
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This was my second time dining at 18 chef. The first experience wasnt a pleasant one however i decided to give it a second try this time. Went with my friends (5 pax) at amk outlet and it was dinner time. There was quite a long queue and we had seats in around 5 minutes!  I ordered the student meal which comes with ice lemon tea and a scoop of ice cream. There are various steps to order the meal and its relatively simple to follow!Mine was pasta with spicy garlic sauce and the main ingredient was chicken sausage. As i'm aware the portion for the chicken sausage was quite small, i had additional top up of ingredients: mushroom and scrambled eggs. Student meal was $6.40. As i had topped up additional ingredients, the bill was around $8.50. However i was disappointed with the dish. (once again). I was expecting aglio olio kind of spaghetti but it turned out there was creamy sauce too. The sauce was bland and tasteless and the noodles were not as good as i expected. (Btw there was no options to choose the noodle type too). Overall, the dish was below average. Not worth the price ): The free ice cream scoop they offered was tutti frutti. Its not bad, tasted abit like paddlepop.  Again, for a student meal, i guess one cannot expect too much from it. Perhaps there are other popular choices to choose from, but i will definitely not order the student meal again. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-13
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Eighteen chefs closes at 230am on a Friday night/Saturday morning! How awesome is that!!At 10pm on a Friday night, Steff was worried we wouldn't be able to find dinner. But EIGHTEENCHEFS was there for us!We sat down the service was amazing... They handed us the menu that was tucked under our table I ordered a cheeses baked rice with mushroom and Japanese curry and it was amazing.. It's my third time having Japanese curry cheese baked rice! It's perfect and delicious every time and it arrived within 5 minutes of ordering.. It was so quick in fact that I thought it was for another table!!! Steff got a seafood tom yumOglio and wow was it spicy.. She struggled to eat Half the plate of pasta and couldn't even touch the prawns.. It was a waste!!! she even skipped the cookies n cream ice cream. They had run out out of soup so it was an ice cream and iced lemon tea combo for a $3.30 top up. All in all a quick sit down meal.. Pretty sure service here was way faster than mcdonalds lol! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-10-02
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Located next to the cinema, the restaurant is quite popular with the young ones with its reasonable pricing. It is a non frills place where one pays as you order at the cashier. Remember to help yourself to the cutlery and condiements at the counter.Aglio Olio with Cheese Baked Mussels ($12.80)Top up $3.80 for Combo B which is consists of soup of the day and lemon tea. The pasta is quite tasty. The mussels taste a bit dry.Banana Maple Syrup Toast ($4.50)Fresh banana on toast, drizzled with maple syrup.Quite a nice serving.Top up $1.50 for a cup of hot tea.Pancakes Set A ($3.80)Top up $1.50 for coffee. Served with maple syrup and butter.The pancake is a bit plain in taste.Overall the food is not bad. The place is quite crowded even during early hours. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-05-13
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Eighteen Chefs has just opened their latest branch in AMK Hub! Located next to Cathay Cineplex, Eighteen Chefs was basically a self-service restaurant. You write down your order, make a payment at cashier, pick up your cutlery, and wait for your food to be served.Water is freeflow here, but please help yourself for it.Fresh Mushroom Pasta - $10.80. Spaghetti in classic French bechamel sauce with fresh mushrooms. My friend said it didn't look like exactly like in the menu. Tasted just average.Chicken Sausage Cheese-Baked Rice - $7.80. This was taken from their 'Be Your Own Chef' menu. Here, we can pick our base (cheese-baked rice/pasta), sauce, main ingredient, and optional top-up ingredient(s). There are over 8 kinds of sauce (I chose tangy tomato sauce) and 12 kinds of ingredients (I chose chicken sausage). The price of this menu depends on what main ingredient you choose. The combination of tangy tomato sauce and cheese turned to be great. The portion was quite fulfilling, although I found only 3-4 pieces of chicken sausage inside.Waffle with Blueberries & Vanilla Ice Cream - $7.50. Plain waffle with blueberry sauce, whipped cream, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The appearance looked not so appetizing yeah? The waffle was super tough, it was very hard to cut with the knife. The amount blueberry sauce poured was also very little. The only thing I enjoyed was the ice cream, which surprisingly combined nicely with blueberry sauce.Black Beauty - $4.90. Homemade chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce, vanilla, whipped cream, and chocolate ice cream. Apart from its mouthwatering presentation, which was Instagram-worthy, the taste was a disappointment. It strangely tasted like charcoal. Again, the ice cream was the lifesaver of this dish.Verdict : the desserts here failed to impress me. I think this place is a bit overrated. Many people queue up for it, but even after my dining experience here, I still don't get what's so special about this restaurant. Thankfully no service charge here, because I found that their service was not really friendly and nice. So here is my experience: I mistakenly returned back the entire order sheets when I was paying at the cashier, instead of just mine (I didn't know that I only needed to give them mine, and leave the other sheets on my table). The staff then asked me to return the other sheets back to my table, without saying 'please' at all (which I considered impolite, but not actually rude either) I know it was my fault, but hello, could you at least use 'please' in your sentence? I would gladly do it if you asked me in a friendly and polite manner. They should improve more on the service. 繼續閱讀
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