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Flock Café is nestled in a quaint corner of eclectic Tiong Bahru and offers a wide range of all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and salads to go with their selection of gourmet teas and coffees. 繼續閱讀
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08:00 - 18:00
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Pork Cheek Gruyere Sandwich Portobello Mushroom Salad
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等級4 2015-05-05
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Full Flock Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/flock-cafe.htmlFlock Cafe began life as a small family-run indie cafe in 2012, but has sustained itself quite well, still pulling in the crowds even after 3 years. Known for their all-day breakfast dishes, tasty cakes, and excellent coffee from Liberty, Flock Cafe may not have the best food or service, but it's refreshingly unpretentious and rustic.Ambience at Flock Cafe is modern industrial, with clean, white walls and solid, blocky wooden furniture. The centerpiece is the counter where the tantalizing cakes are displayed behind glass, and the wonderful aroma of coffee permeates the air. Hipster quotes, lomo photographs, and pop culture art by local Singaporeans adorn the walls. Lighting is partly spotlights, partly natural sunlight, and partly low level fluorescent, which makes photography slightly difficult.Service at Flock Cafe is partly self-service. Ordering and payment is done over the counter, and staff are able to make recommendations. Orders will be served to your table, but otherwise, staff interaction is minimal. You'll also typically have to work at attracting attention if you need anything else, as they aren't very observant.Food at Flock Cafe is Western influenced, with the majority of the menu being all-day breakfast and dessert cakes. I actually prefer their cakes and coffee over the other items here, as I find it tends to be more tasty. Portions are nicely sized for individuals, and prices are typical of a cafe, budget about SGD $27 per person for a main course, drink, and dessert here.The Chocolate Cake (SGD $6) is so good! Thick, rich, deep flavoured chocolate fudge, layered across a light, spongy, and moist chocolate cake... it doesn't get any simpler than this, or any tastier! Highly recommended! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-05-21
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Good reviews and being in the area brought my family here for lunch.We ordered:1) Breakfast Set with Sausage - scrambled eggs are nicely done and their bread is fragrant and tasty! Sausage is nice but nothing to rave about.2) Pulled pork Sandwich - hubby liked it enough because of the bread though he found the sauce a tad too sweet3) Mushroom Sandwich - I enjoyed mine very much! Thick slices of portobello mushrooms between fragrant bread slices.4) Quiche Lorraine - daughter liked it though I thought it pretty ordinary. Ordinary nice, having said that.The interior decor is very cool, both in ambience and in temperature too. It's a nice reprieve from the hot weather. Having said that, there are also many such arty-farty cafe around the area to check out. 繼續閱讀
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Yet another hidden gem in the tiong bahru district. Its a pretty nice quiet cafe. Along the stretch houses several other cafes too. The cafe has simple modern decorations. White clean walls with wooden furniture and polaroids of customers and staffs hung on a string. There’s magazines for reading over a cup of cuppa and doodling papers for the kids.They serve all day breakfast, sandwiches and cakes! Ordered their Scrambled Eggs & Croissant with Smoked Salmon ($14.90) Their croissant is flaky and crispy. Together with the soft runny fluffy scrambled egg and the generous slice of smoked salmon, its heavenly! The smoked salmon may be alil salty on its own, so best to eat it together with the croissant and scrambled egg! Their side salad is awesome too! Crunchy cucumber dices and juicy tomatoes halves in some sort of vinegar balsamic dressing, refreshing. Won't regret making your trip down. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-13
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Lunching at Flock Cafe with friends on a weekday afternoon is a quiet and calm affair, as compared to the non-stop crowds on weekends, this was quite a great chance for us to relish in the quiet moment, and chill and slowly enjoying a peaceful lunch. There were only about two other tables in the cafe other than us.It was our first time at Flock, and we really wanted to try everything so we ordered 4 dishes to share. We ordered the Creamy Bacon and Poached Egg pasta ($14.90) and we were blown away. It looked really creamy but it was really a full plate of creamy goodness and it tasted real good! Surprisingly, we didn't feel that it was too creamy for us to feel sick... in fact, the creamy pasta was soooo finger lickin good that we wiped it clean off the plate. The poached egg was done nicely and the yolk once we poked the egg just came flowing onto the already yummy pasta. Shiok! There was a lot of bacon, it was good too, but a little bit salty!The Rocket, Portobello & Cherry Tomato pasta ($14.50) was another great choice! The pasta was al dente, and we loved the springy and spiciness of the pasta, though it could be better if it was more spicy! This pasta is very appetitising and we should mention we just love the pastas here, just judging from these two that we ordered! Pasta menu are only available on weekdays though!The Banana French Toast with Crispy Bacon ($13.90) is nice too, I guess bananas and bacons make another best combi too! Dunked in maple syrup, the french toast is sweet and delightful! I only tried a bit as I do not really fancy french toast but my friends loved it!The Eggs Sally ($15.90) is two poach eggs with smoked salmon atop the english muffins. I love the eggs! I cant say much about the smoked salmon as I personally do not usually eat or like smoked salmon, but I tried a bite of the smoked salmon with the eggs and I find it quite acceptable. My friends love the Eggs Sally though!In conclusion, our meal at Flock was a pleasant and satisfying one. We did enjoy the food a lot and the weekday charm of the cafe... 繼續閱讀
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Quietly located at 1 corner of Tiong Bahru estate, this cafe is not difficult to find. the deco of the cafe takes on a simple, minimalist design that makes you feel relax while having your meals. the variety of food unfortunately is not as much as i expect it to be. The food variety is mainly pasta, sandwiches and all day breakfastPancakes and mixed berries @ $12.90 ~ I feel the texture of the pancake is alittle dry. The mixed berries is too sour for me.smoked salmon, romaine & tomatoes ~ $12.90. My col say this is good.cheeky eggs @ $16.90. My col say this is good too.For coffee lovers, not forgetting to order a cup of coffee to go along with your meal! although i dont really like their pancakes but i do love their coffee. =)Food : **Price : ***Customer service : **Overall will i come again? No. 繼續閱讀
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