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Group Therapy cafe believes that the best form of nourishment for one's soul is sought through inter-personal relationships and connections with people. Through the comforts of their cafe, paired with warm hospitality and good food & drink, Group Therapy is the catalyst for such encounters. They have labouriously crafted an artisanal cafe menu that includes a unique coffee roast blend. 繼續閱讀
星期二至四:廚房於1700關閉,酒吧於1730關閉 星期五至六:廚房於2100關閉,酒吧於2130關閉 星期日 & 公眾假期:廚房於1700關閉,酒吧於1730關閉
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Belgian Style Waffle Iced Mocha
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For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.sg/2015/12/food-review-group-therapy-coffee_83.htmlGroup Therapy Coffee is one of the pioneer third-wave coffee cafes to sprout up in Singapore. One or two years ago, they opened another branch in Katong V, and a sister cafe called Regoup x Scoop Therapy. I went to the first one at Duxton, and it is located on the second storey of a shophouse.Organic Granola and Muesli ($12): This was crunchy and good and I love the balance of the sweet berries and the yogurt! Don't think this is Greek yogurt but I'd like it better if it is.Poached Eggs ($17): Essentially an Eggs Benedict, this was two poached eggs atop a bed of smoked salmon, gruyere and thick toast. The eggs were wonderfully runny and the smoked salmon was fresh and quite generous.Bacon and Mushroom Aglio Olio ($16): It was very flavourful and they were also generous with the ingredients! The serving was big so it'll definitely fill up those hungry folks out there! But as with any Aglio Olio, this was rather oily too.Linguine Bolognese ($16.50): This was another huge plate of pasta. It came with minced beef, onions, carrots, tomatoes herbs and parmesan cheese atop the heap of linguine below. My friend said it was good, but not extraordinary.Steak and Cheese Pie ($16): The lean beef cubes were sufficiently tender, combined with the melted cheddar cheese... Mmm so good! Plus the shortcrust pastry was not too thick so you don't get full just on carbs. The serving may look small but my guy friend found it just nice. Oh and it comes served with a side salad and some chips.Overall Group Therapy Coffee does its food well. Although it's not that cheap since most dishes are above the $15 mark, the portion and quality of food justifies the price. They have free Wifi too so if you come during off-peak hours, you'll have a conducive environment and nice ambience to do some work! 繼續閱讀
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Decided to go cafe hopping and saw this cafe along duxton road! Duxton road has alot of cafes popping out recently and its interesting to try out all these cafes food! I ordered a cuban pretzel dog. It consists of tender pulled pork in a pretzel bun, pickles, cheese and mustard. It is also served with side salad and potato crisps. The bun a typical hot dog bun and it is super soft. The tender pulled pork is abit tough, not as soft as i thought it was. However, when it is eaten together with the melted cheese, it tastes quite decent. Overall, i feel this dish is so-so. Perhaps you should skip this and go for their waffles instead! 繼續閱讀
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Group Therapy cafe is found amidst the enclave of shophouses along Duxton Road. It may be easy to miss the entrance as the cafe is located at the second level of a shophouse. There is no service charge as they leave you to order at the counter when you are ready. There are different types of seating arrangements available ranging from limited low couches with communal tables to high tables with high seats. We were there on Saturday for an early dinner so we managed to get seats without waiting.Loving the decorative shelves just beside the sofa seats. Spot the minions hanging on the tree!Affogato $7It was my first time trying Affogato. Basically, Affogato is a beverage that contains a shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla icecream or gelato. Some people consume it as a dessert while others consume it as a beverage. It has a very fresh taste and I actually like it but I still prefer my usual flavoured latte.Roasted Almond Latte $6.50The roasted flavour was not strong for this but I could taste the aromatic flavour of the almond. The latte was smooth and did not taste acidic. Salmon Avocado Multigrain $18thin spread of cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, arugula leaves, served with salad & potato chipsI love this! Cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado are a winning combination. The bf said this reminded him of sushi lol. They were generous with the portion of the smoked salmon and the multigrain toast added a healthy touch to the dish. The salad was also well dressed.Beef Cheese Burger with Sunnyside-up $19beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, salsa, mustard & a fried egg, served with side salad & potato crispsThe bf could not stop having praises for their sauce which he said went really well with the burger. I, on the other hand, found it to be average tasting as mustard sauce was not my thing. The yolk of the egg flowed smoothly and the beef patty was rather thick. It was good but it did not make me want to have more. Omakase burger anytime! 繼續閱讀
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Group Therapy (Duxton): Delectable Food, Coffee & WafflesLocated within the row of refurbished shop houses along Duxton, is Group Therapy, a perfect escapade from the hustle and bustle of life. It occupies a unit at the second level and is furnished with a homely and cozy theme.It was quarter to three and there is no better time than this for coffee and waffle over a catch up session.I had an amazing cup of Piccolo ($4.5) that complimented really well with my choice of Salted Caramel Ice Cream Waffles ($15) that was topped with fresh strawberry and crunchy-crushed almonds.More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/group-therapy-duxton-delectable-food-coffee-waffles/ 繼續閱讀
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Over the weekend, I had brunch at Group Therapy Café. Being a weekend, there is quite a crowd and we had to wait around 20minutes for a table. As I had breakfast before going for brunch, I decided on something simple, the grilled chicken salad $16.From the picture, it seems like it is not really a salad because the portion of meat to greens is almost like 3:1. I requested for my honey mustard dressing to be on the side so that I can easily control the amount of dressing over my salad. The chicken salad is made using chicken thigh – as such, the chicken meat is very tender. The seasoning used to marinate the chicken is slightly on the heavy side as I felt that the chicken is quite salty. Hence, it is fortunate that I had separated the dressing from the salad as I could control the amount. The salad also comes with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and assorted greens. Overall, I think the dish would be better if they cut back on the seasoning used for the chicken. 繼續閱讀
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