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Han's, a local restaurant chain serving affordable local and Western meals, provides a simple dining experience with a wide variety of dishes. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-25
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Han's is a much-loved household name in the Singapore dining scene, Its success dates back to 1977 when the popularity of the Han siblings' cakes amongst their friends inspired them to open a bakery along Upper Thomson Road. On my foodie parents' recommendations, I found myself at their largest cafe-cum-bakery restaurant (15,000 square feet), at Great Eastern Centre on Pickering Street. My mum used to work in the area and I thought visiting this outlet with my parents would fill them with a sense of heartwarming nostalgia. As Han's began its existence way before I was born, I thought paying them a visit with my parents would be a good way to contribute to the memory project.Left to right: Teh-Si, Mushroom Soup, Garlic breadNo meal at Han's is complete without Teh-Si or Tea with Evaporated milk (S$1.70). It tasted really pure and wholesome; I think it's one of the best teas I've ever had.We also had some Mushroom Soup and garlic bread. Alas, the soup was really sour and tasted straight from a can.The garlic bread was (literally) hard to bite into, let alone chew. It felt more like biscotti than bread, though dipping it into the soup did soften it a little.Chicken Chop (Set) — S$12.80I loved that the potatoes came in wedges rather than fries. Furthermore, the meat was lean and tender, giving rise to a commendable texture. However, the vegetables tasted really raw and were difficult to chew — my jaws got tired after a while.While I initially felt they were stingy with the sauce, I was later glad they went easy on it because it was excessively salty. Overall, I would recommend going for something else.Grilled Dory (Set) — S$9.80Grilled Dory topped with garlicFresh dory fish is difficult to find these days. Liven up its flavours with a spritz of lemon (each serving generously comes with half a lemon rather than the usual slice!!) The fish had a soft and pillowy texture, and the portion was sufficiently satisfying. I couldn't help but notice that the vegetables took up 50% of the plate's surface area! This should appease workers in the area pursuing a healthier lifestyle.Service at Han's was iffy — no major mistakes but don't expect a warm welcome. The Han's dining experience is built upon functionality rather than frills, and is probably best-suited for quick, casual gatherings with friends and colleagues. Certainly no intimate dates or formal gatherings as the atmosphere is nothing too fanciful and the food is, frankly, below average. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-17
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I like this Hans outlet a lot as it is huge and comfy... dining in or even sitting in for a drink can be a very good experience, and it is a very nice place to chill and chat with friends too. If I'm near the area, it's quite nice to go for  a coffee and cake, and to laze around in the nice environment.Their cakes arent exactly very nice, but once in a while, it is fine to not indulge in expensive and high end cakes. Sometimes, normal cakes is enough to satisfy. The chocolate cake is average, not too sweet or rich.The Kaya cake is the only cake I like in Hans, and I have to say they make one of the best kaya cake around. Smooth and rich with layers of kaya and cream chiffon, it is pleasing and refreshing especially when eaten chilled straight out the fridge. This is a must-have cake in Hans, highly recommended!The Chocolate Rum Ball is a forgettable one. With no tinge of rum at all, it is just a plain chocolate ball. Could feel no efforts in getting any rum taste in this pastry, needs to be improved, if not maybe they should not call this a rum ball. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-16
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Was wanting to have some simple snack before continue my shopping trip.  This restaurant is small but stipp quite comfortable and cooling.  Service was fast and friendly.  For merely $3, I manage to grab a piece of coffee nuts swiss roll cake and a cup of coffee here.  Cake sponge was quite hard and too sweet as well.  the coffee cream was too little and it wss really dry during every mouthful of it. Coffee is fragrant and with generous amount of milk inside.  Still not too bad for a quick snack.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-11-09
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Late for lunch with my colleague. To find a place to have lunch in CBD area you have to be early or need to find a place with bigger seating area.And we decide to go to Han's at Great Eastern Centre. The place got a big seating area.Their special for the day is Grilled Salmon Fillet. Order a set at $15.80. Come with a bowl of soup, coffee or tea or juice and dessert. (fruits)The qunce will start form if you come in late. But they are fast in their order taking as there a service person to take your order first before you reach the counter. Those who want to seat next to the window, be careful the table are shaky.The food came fast within 10 minute.The salmon meat is thick and juicy. Worth the money.Soup base is thick also.For the coffee is bitter. Minus point for this item.Fruit is normal.Overall. Okay place to have a casual or business lunch. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-11-09
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avoiding the lunch crowd at Raffles Plc,so decided to eat here with my colleague..this place has 2 sections, the normal dining area, and also the low table dining area..love the concept! so relaxing.today's damage is $9.60..chose the set meal..there's quite a number of choices..as for the drinks, you can choose coffee, tea, orange juice or iced lemon tea..the set meal consists of a main dish, soup, drinks & dessert..forgotten to take pic of the drink, as I was too thirsty and gulped it down.. these are the desserts..garlic bread and watermelon!next, we go to the soup..it's mushroom soup with few slices of chicken..love it loads! it's creamy, thick and rich!next, to the main dish..the fries are like truffle fries,thicker than the normal fries and crispy too!however, the dory fish is kinda dry, but it's thick and goes well with mayo, tabasco or chilli sauce.had tried going along with all 3 sauces and all taste good.do give it a try when you are here.! 繼續閱讀
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