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Ichiban Boshi offers a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety set meals. 繼續閱讀
11:30 - 22:00
11:30 - 22:00
Black Pepper Kaisen Gozen Gindara Nitsuke Gozen Miso Garlic Tori Gozen
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More reviews here, http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/05/ichiban-boshi.htmlI have never been to any Japanese eateries ever since its renovation of Shokutsu Ten (Japanese Street) in Jurong Point. The new outlook from the transformation portrays a very clean, bright and modern Japanese street with Japanese Cart Stalls by the sides. Not only so, the air along the street was much more better than before.As usual Ichiban Boshi still attract a snaky long queue of crowd, with their fans waiting patiently to secure a seat in the restaurant. The contemporary Japanese dining restaurant was seemed more spacious now where by you get to buy sushi off the shelves on the left and dine in with a cosy , relaxed and better ambiance.Having the Chef Recommendation just won't go wrong for me I felt. I had the Gyu Koumiyaki Gozen Set with slices of juicy Premium beef placed on top of the potato salad & radish in their house special sauce. Dishes like scallop with cod roe mayonnaise and cheese, half seared tuna with homemade sauce, chawanmushi, rice, miso soup, appetizer and fruit completed the meal. Yum Yum!The tantalizing chicken cutlet was attractive in its golden crisp color added with sides like vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers enhancing its color. The meal is definitely value for money with fresh slices of salmon sashimi, soft shell crab tempura, rice, miso soup, appetizer and fruit.Can't take my eyes away from the thin slices of beef for Sukiyaki. The set comes with a pot of vegetables put to simmer in the broth loaded with tofu, mushrooms, vegetables. Having said that the best way to enjoy the Japanese meal is by dipping the meat into the broth to cook then into the raw egg. The meal includes Udon as well as rice to pair along with the broth and meat. Miso soup, appetizer and salmon sashimi were included too.Tori Curry Cheese Wazen was another variation of the Chicken Cutlet. Instead of pairing it up with mayyonise, the fried cutlet was immersed into the shallow pot of sweet savoury curry topped with a square size cheese and chopped spring onions. The exterior of the cutlet maybe soften by the curry gravy but having said so, the meat was not soggy at all. Ebi tempura and ladies finger tempura was part of the meal too with miso soup, rice, appetizer and fruits.In short, at the look of the queue Ichiban Boshi attracts during meal times, it speaks best. There is no doubt about the quality and standard of food. To emphasize further, portion of food on their set meal was big enough for 2 to share and you wont get disappointed. On the other side, the service was abit lacking as its hard to grab the servers attention in order to order something. 繼續閱讀
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