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Jones the Grocer is an Australian origin food emporium aimed at inspiring a love of great food and providing customers with a full gourmet experience. With products ranging from premium tea leaves to luxury chocolates, from artisan crackers through to handmade pasta sauces, Jones the Grocer is able to guide diners' selection and offer informed and welcoming service. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-01-25
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The outlet at Dempsey Hill is very spacious compared to its Orchard counterpart, and boosts of more groceries on sale. Rest assured that these are all special, quality cans and jars and bottles here - such as wine reduction, preserved olives etc, exotic items not found in your normal supermarkets.The array of pastries was tantalizing - they even have Rainbow Cake now! But they were closing soon though it was merely 10.00pm on a Friday evening. Hence we stuck to the drinks and catching up we were here for.I debated between several choices as usual, and ended up selecting the Lychee Collins (SGD$16.00) - a delicious twist to the conventional Tom Collins (Gin, Lychee Puree, Liquer, Fresh Lemon Juice and Vanilla Sugar topped with Soda). The hints of gin was light in this case, and I tasted the delightfully delicious flavor of lychee more . Bonus came in the form of large, juicy, liquer-soaked lychee fruits within the drink itself. What can I say, I loved it!For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/drinks-at-jones-grocer-dempsey-hill.html 繼續閱讀
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We popped by Jones the Grocer for some dessert and drinks after a hearty dinner at Roadhouse. This 2-in-1 fuss-free casual dining café not only spots a rather impressive menu, but is also well stocked with an extensive range of gourmet products and a walk in cheese room.The Panna Cotta ($14) with basil and sweet almond shavings was delicious! The panna cotta was smooth and light and I especially like the contrasting aroma from the basil which added a twist in flavour to this sweet treat.We also ordered a bottle of Ginger Ale ($7) while browsing through the store. It packs a serious ginger punch right off the bat with a sweet lingering aftertaste. The fresh ginger gives a tingly texture that refreshes the palate.We’ll definitely be back for their mains pretty soon! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-11-14
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What is a perfect way to spend your Sunday morning? After all the buzz catching up with your chores on Saturday, Sunday morning is just a good time to sit back, relax and tuck in to a good brunch and cuppa. Jones the Grocer is one of the more popular destinations to tuck in for a weekend brunch. It is a branch for popular Australia grocer / food emporium to provide natural and artisan ingredients from Australia and worldwide. The one that really catch our eyes, is the bread that freshly baked on the premises.We pop by on Sunday morning, just after the morning drizzle clears. As this is our first visit to Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey, we notice that they do not take reservation for brunch. Luckily, due to the rain, the crowd was not there yet thus the queue was quite short and we got our seats in 15 mins. So what's good on the menu? Little Devil's (LD) decided on Jones Big Breakfast ($24), I had French Toast with Berries ($18), while our friend SH had Eggs Benedict ($20). Jones Big Breakfast basically have everything you want in a big breakfast. Sourdough Bread, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash brown. For something more up class, they also have sautéed baby spinach. The bread is fragrant, nice and crispy providing a nice bedding for the eggs. The sausages, bacon are cooked perfectly. Good solid brunch. Since LD's decided on big breakfast and I know I will probably eat half of that, I decided on something light. Cinnamon French toast with mixed berries and vanilla crème fraiche. The bread is nicely coated with eggs, crispy and soft. The combination of mixed berries, icing sugar and vanilla crème fraiche is just so inviting to dig in into your breakkie. Eggs Benedict come with smoked ham, spinach & poached eggs on house baked English Muffin. Don't let the simple presentation of this dish fool you. To produce the a nice hollandaise sauce, you need to be very skilful in the kitchen. Slight miscalculation will turn the sauce into sour scramble eggs. The eggs poached to the right temperature, while exuding white vinegar aroma the yolk will ooze out when you cut through the egg. The sauce is smooth and creamy while the ham is slightly salty. Nothing better to complement a beautiful breakfast a great coffee. The coffee here is imported from Australia. It has a full body flavour, slightly bitter, but bode well for milk base coffee such as latte or cappuccino. Nice caffeine shot to start the day. Basically when you are dining in Jones the Grocer, you are dining in a grocery shop. Surrounded by artisan produce and wine sold by Jones the Gorcery. It is a open concept shop with a high ceiling. Certainly does not feel like you are dining in Singapore. The service staff here is very good and professional. Our order took around 15 minutes to come, while we took turns to check out the produce selling on the shelves.Overall, if you are looking for a place to have a good breakkie, I would recommend Jones the Grocer. Delicious food complement with delicious coffee. G'Day Mate.!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala exprience, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2013/11/jones-grocer-aussie-brunch-at-dempsey.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-16
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Jones the Grocer must be one of the most crowded Brunch places around town. The place was packed on a Saturday afternoon. Had the scones with jam and butter. Love it! The scone was warm and the melting butter in between the scones accompanied by jam was simply marvelous. Sweet, salty and fatty.This is my friend's ham sandwich. Didnt look appetizing to me. This is my smoked salmon eggs benedict. My ideal eggs benedict must always have be accompanied with smoke salmon 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-09-26
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To get to Jones the Grocer @ Dempsey, its better to drive. Unless you aren't wearing high heels and dressed up and willing to sweat it out to walk the distance from the busstop in. Parking is also not an easy affair especially on weekdays during lunch time. Alternatively you can take the shuttle bus from orchard mrt in, though the frequency of the bus depends on the number of passengers because the bus only leaves dempsey when its filled.As for the outlet itself, remember to bring a jacket because it gets quite cold here, especially when it rains. Also do go early to avoid having to wait for your table because people here sit around and enjoy their coffee after meals so you might have to wait for some time. In the meanwhile, you can always go shopping around the dining area, Jones sells pasta, biscuits, rows of sauces and drinks and wines. There's even a cheese room at the back - its really smelly though, so try not to choose a table near it.As for the food, i really like their apple crumble, its $7.50 if i'm not wrong and its really to die for. In fact, you might not want to share this one with your dining companion. 繼續閱讀
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