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Ma Maison is a Japanese-French Fusion restaurant that specializes in Tonkatsu. 繼續閱讀
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Original Hamburger Steak Tonkatsu
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等級4 2015-04-24
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Charmed by its modernized Japanese settings and the mocked up dishes on their display as we passed by Tonkatsu Bistro in Westgate, there is no way that we could resist such attractive force coming towards us. Moreover dining by Ma Maison has given us a good benchmark on the kind of expectations from the food.Settings of the restaurants were simply Japanese, if you head straight right into the restaurant, it will lead you to their kitchen's entrance. The dining area is divided into two sections, left and right with the left side as bar counters dining.Condiments were already well prepared on every table in a tray. Sauces in pot of chinese wording indicate sweet and spicy, recommended to go with the deep fried stuff.We ordered the deep-fried pork loin set under the Rosu Katsu Menu. The set comprises of pickles, a bowl of rice as well as tonjiru (Japanese soup made with vegetables and pork) and their delicious deep fried pork loin. Pork loin was succulent with an cripsy orange exterior. The amount of meat was thick and stomach filling with shredded cabbages by the side. Note that the mains comes with refillable cabbages, soups and rice (white or multi-grain rice)We ordered Mameton set from the assorted men. As compared to Rosu Katsu Set, this is of better variety. The meal comes with deep-fried prawn, pork loin and pork fillet on top of the standard items like rice, soup and pickles. A small bowl of ramen is included in the set too. I'm so pampered by the set meal together with the choice of rice (multi grain). Let's take a look at individual item on from the set. Though they were deep fried to golden brown perfection, they leave no hint of being oily. The breaded crust from the fried items are light and crispy however please becareful if you are consuming in a big mouthful bite as the dry and sharp breaded crumbs may hurt the lips.Multigrain rice over plain white rice! This is a healthier version on the carbo intake.The bowl of tonjiruis awesomely filled with ingredients. It tasted a tad salty though.Having the ramen reminds me of having soba. Those ramen were thin and soften by the hot flavoured stock in the cup.Food is generally better than average, however the overall rating can be pulled up if there is a better service. It seems like they are lacking of staff during the peak hours and for refillable food,we have to wave for quite sometime before getting their attention. As compared to competitors with refillable items, service staff will go around prompting refill instead of another way round.Overall, service aside, I'm still glad that they are one of the better Tonkatsu in Singapore that I have ever tried. For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-28
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Out of so many Ramen Restaurants in Westgate, there was a Japanese Restaurant on the top level that specialised in Tonkatsu. The staffs were mostly Japanese, hence their food should be very Japanese authentic. I had ordered the Curry Katsu Don, from their menu, its their speciality. The price was $22.90. The Curry Katsu Don took about 15 minutes, I guess they freshly fried the Katsu when order. While waiting, the staff had already served us the shredded cabbage salad and tea.On the table, there was a few sauces. There were sesame sauce, katsu sauce and spicy sauce.  I tried both sauces, sesame and katsu sauces onto my salad. The sesame smelt heavy in toasted sesame seed while the katsu sauce was like vinegar thicken sauce. I prefered my salad with katsu sauce, the sourish gave it more appetising.The Curry Katsu Don came. I can feel the heat radiated from the kastu fillet. The kastu fillet was golden brown in colour and very crispy on the outside. Inside was tender and juicy meat, though I felt the meat was lean and I preferred the fatty meat version.The curry sauce was disappointing. There was not much of the Japanese sweet curry taste or aroma. It seem like instant Japanese curry cube from supermarket. Overall, I felt that this Curry Katsu Don was average. I would still prefer Katsu with fatty meat inside. 繼續閱讀
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Ma Maison has opened a Tonkatsu Bistro in Westgate, and everyone who has dined there would certainly agree that it feels just like stepping into a restaurant in Japan. You can look forward to delicious Japanese food with a truly authentic Japanese ambience. Like at the outlet at Mandarin Gallery, tables quickly fill up from 6.30pm, so do get in early or be prepared to wait.From the manager to the waiters to the chefs, I could not tell if they were actually Singaporeans. Speaking in Japanese, the chef would respond "はい (Hai – Yes)" to every order. In fact, they have a Japanese accent when they speak. Yet, when they took our orders in English, it was quite obvious that they were Singaporeans. I was amazed at how they could mimic the Japanese so well.The dining experience really made me feel like I was in Japan.All mains include unlimited fresh cabbage, unlimited rice (choose between White, Japanese or Multi-grain rice), unlimited miso soup and unlimited roasted Japanese barley drink. Miso Rosu Katsu Set – SGD23.80The pork was juicy with a delightfully crunchy coating. The miso sauce initially came across as quite salty, but after getting used to the taste, it reminded me of Marmite. The meat used was less fatty as compared to the pork loin, but combining miso with katsu was truly an ingenious masterstroke Rosu Katsu Set – SGD21.80I shared this deep fried pork loin (150g) with my father and we ordered an extra rice/barley/miso soup/cabbage set (SGD4.50++). It was the freshest pork I have ever tasted. As you sink your teeth into the juicy meat, there is a satisfying crunch in every bite. The best part is that the katsu does not feel oily at all!The Japanese are very organised, even in the presentation of their sauces. You have to put the sauce according to the labelling, which refers to sweet (left), spicy (centre) and salt (right).There is also many condiments for you to choose from, and if you are not sure what each one is for, the friendly crew is more than willing to help you! However, it may be difficult to get their attention during peak hours from 6.30pm - 8.30 pm.I would recommend going for the multi-grain rice as there are kidney beans in it. The miso soup that came with the set was so delicious that I could not resist helping myself to numerous refills. It was indeed no ordinary miso soup, as there were bits and pieces of meat, carrot and vegetables. Some recommendations and tipsI would recommend OpenRicers to get the Rosu katsu set with the multi-grained rice set. The one with the Miso was quite salty and I thought it may not be unnecessary since they have provided a lot of other sauces to go along with the meat! You are advised to go as early as possible because you may spot a long queue. They provide Japanese Barley rice tea and it is refillable. Their soup, rice and drink are all refillable, so you may want to skip a meal on that day in order to make full use of this deal! 繼續閱讀
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