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Megu Catering Concepts provides catering solutions for both indoor and outdoor events as well as professional advice and consultancy services in Food & Beverage management. Megu's ultimate achievement is that all guests leave satiated, with memories that continue to delight long after the party is over. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-01-31
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The Chinese New Year is always a time for reunion with beloved family and friends. I had the opportunity to celebrate this festive season with Megu Catering Concepts to reunite over a tasty, plentiful feast that is sure to warm the hearts of my loved ones.MEGU means "blessing" in Japanese and is 美果 in Chinese, which means fruitfulness. Megu were the pioneers that first ventured into the catering business almost 30 years ago, and have since come a long way through both great successes and humbling experiences.The Festive Set I had was for 10 pax at $288.Menu items were : - Prosperity Smoked Duck “Lo Hei”- Happiness Cold Platter- Tantalising Teriyaki Chicken- Yellow Curry Fish with Eggplant and Lady’s Finger- Wok-Fried Prawn with Golden Pumpkin- Sweet Potato Rice Paper Roll- Tientsin Cabbage with Mushroom Filling- Steamed Olive Rice- Iced Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe VeraI went down to their headquarters at Kampong Ampat, the staff were friendly, I gave them my receipt and collected all the dishes in 3 cooler bags. They separated the cold food from the hot food. They also provided more than sufficient utensils.1. Happiness Cold PlatterMarinated chilli conch, jellyfish, wakame salad, and fried ngoh hiang. The conch was something unfamiliar to me, it was chewy but not too hard. It was a tad spicy for me. The wakame salad was soft, springy and tasty. The fried ngoh hiang, came across to me as a pretty hard and not very flavourful fish cake. The jellyfish was the highlight of the dish, it has a special textural crunch all of its own. I loved it the most as it was very cool and refreshing to the palate.2. Prosperity Smoked Duck “Lo Hei”An abundance of smoked duck, pickled ginger and mango, green and white radish, julienne of carrot pulps of pomelo, silver onion, lime, crackers, Chinese parsley, ground peanut, and fruity plum sauce,topped with sesame, salt, pepper and cinnamon.I'm not usually a fan of eating lo hei and with the scare of raw fish, I'm glad that MEGU has gone with smoked duck instead. Something that is quite unique and they were quite pretty and added colour to the dish.Tossing the lo hei is usually the highlight of the meal! The sauces weren't too sweet for my liking and the nuts with the crackers were plentiful! I had a crunch in every mouthful!Check out the texture of the smoked duck. The smoked duck was packed into the cold bag with the dessert, so as to not be affected by the temperature of the hot food. The texture of the smoked duck was tender with a smokiness that doesn't overpower and not tough, which is usually my fear on eating these. The smoked duck slices were quite thick.SHOUT ALL THE WISHES YOU CAN THINK OF! The yu sheng was indeed colourful and everyone agreed that it was one of our favourite yu shengs!3. Tantalising Teriyaki Chicken *highly recommended*Most caterers that serve teriyaki chicken tend to taste the same, I'm guessing everyone has the same chicken supplier, but NOT MEGU! I'm guessing their chicken is fresh? It tastes completely different from others I've tried. The teriyaki flavour was sharp and distinct even when you peel off the skin. The meat is extremely tender and sweet. Not one piece of meat was dry!4. Yellow Curry Fish with Eggplant and Lady’s FingerThey were very generous with the fish and the fish chunks were huge! All the fish chunks were tender and fresh. The curry also wasn't spicy and it had the flavours of all the vegetables in the curry.Despite really liking this dish, I just wished that the vegetables were slightly softer. They could've been boiled slightly longer to achieve this. Other than that, I loved their choice and ratio of vegetables and fish.5. Wok-Fried Prawn with Golden PumpkinAt first, I thought that this was salted egg! But nope! Nonetheless, the pumpkin flavour wasn't strong enough to be capture in every bite. The prawns were crunchy but as they were soggy, they weren't in the their shape. I think this could've been a star dish, if the flavour was more distinct. Nevertheless, since the prawns were so crunchy, I liked this!6. Sweet Potato Rice Paper RollThe rolls were hard as they were no longer crispy by the time we ate it. Even though the curry, cabbage and rice were still piping hot. The sweet potato was soft and pretty much melted in my mouth, so that was the dish's saving grace. I pretty much threw them into the toaster to make them palatable. 7. Tientsin Cabbage with Mushroom Filling *6 stars* HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDI loved this. OpenRice! We need a 6 star option! This was the best dish by far from a caterer. There were so many different types of mushrooms in this and the cabbage soaked up all the mushroom juice goodness. I really enjoyed this dish. Mushroom lovers, GET THIS!8. Steamed Olive RiceThe rice was fragrant and had a olive aroma. There was more than 10 portions worth of rice in that giant container that they gave us. Pretty sure it could feed a small village!9. Iced Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe VeraThe CNY Menu ended off on the best note. This iced lemon grass jelly with aloe vera was super refreshing and cool. They were extremely generous with the aloe vera. Yes, those are strawberry slices, they did not add any flavour into the mixture, but it was nice to see some colour, in the pretty much colourless dessert. The drink itself wasn't sweet, so I could drink 3-4 bowls of this and still want more! The aloe vera cubes were all consistently crunchy. The lemongrass jelly was slightly on the bland side, but the since the juice tasted of 100% lemongrass, it was all good!Overall : This was a catered experience like no other. MEGU Catering Concepts truly know what they're doing. Most of the dishes gave me a "Wow" experience and I'm convinced that MEGU can help you have a memorable Chinese New Year Reunion feast.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-29
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My uncle has hold there wedding anniversary celebration at their house on one of the afternoon. They have ordered the catereing foods from Kriston and the foods are not too bad. I especially love to eat the dessert, which is the ice-cream puffs. The puffs' texture is very fluffy andlight, which the vanila ice cream in it is very smooth and soft, and very fragrant as well. The topped hard chocolate coating has also added that extra crunchiness to this yummy cold dessert as well. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2011-03-13
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It was my niece 1st birthday & we had a buffet lunch at my sister's place.One of the dishes was their famous Aunty Marry's Laksa Lemak. It was served with fish cakes, eggs, sambal chilli prawns and gravy. I just have to mix everything together and here comes my mini bowl of Aunty Marry's Laksa Lemak.The adults there like it very much. 繼續閱讀
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