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With its late night dinner and bar bites offerings and very comprehensive drinks menu, Nassim Hill, nestled in the Tanglin Post Office building, brings new energy and excitement to the downtown dining and bar scene. The bistro is also well known for its famed malt-flavored Guinness Stout bread, used in their signature Hot Reuben sandwich. Taking a spin on classic dishes, the bistro also offers Spicy Eggs Benedict and Chili Crab pasta as well as healthier alternatives such as their generously sized Detox Salad and Asian Chicken salads. 繼續閱讀
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For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-review-nassim-hill-bakery-bistro.htmlNassim Hill Bakery is a cafe by day and bar by night, though they do serve proper food at all times. It's located at the back of Tanglin Post Office and right outside the drop off point for cars.You can find their menu at their website http://nassimhill.com.sgSteak and Eggs ($23+): A 150g grilled ribeye steak topped with two sunny-side up eggs, served with their homemade entrecote sauce. The steak was juicy and very flavourful and not too uncooked for my liking.Mac and Cheese ($18+): This is macaroni baked with creamy bechamel sauce and four cheeses. Even though it was just plain Mac and Cheese, no other ingredients, it was superbbb. The cheese was so tasty and rich, probably because four types of cheese are used here. The portion was just nice, deliberately smaller so you don't feel jelat halfway.DIY Steak Sandwich ($22+): The grilled US Angus ribeye steak with balsamic onions are placed beside the toasted ciabatta cut smaller for easier consumption, and it's up to you how you wanna pair both together and eat it. The was good as usual, same as the Steak and Eggs! The ciabatta was crispy and somehow the kind that you won't get full very easily.Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles ($19+): Cheddar cheese and bacon bits are baked into their signature waffles, and served with a side of bacon and chive sour cream. The waffles were really crispy. The cheese inside wasn't the gooey kind, but I could still taste it together with the bacon bits. The bacon on the side was nicely grilled too.Nassim Hill Bakery is a good place to go for delicious food, and they have quite a wide variety of drinks too. Their Happy Hour promotion of 1-for-1 draught beers lasts the whole day from 9am to 9pm. 繼續閱讀
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For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comI chanced upon Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar during one of my birthday treats last year 2014 in Feedlot and was somehow amazed by the fully packed breakfast place over the weekends. It's almost a year and I have not forgotten the place, that's why I'm back here at Tanglin Post Office again. For those who drive, parking can be a little tricky as there are limited free parking lots in front of this Bakery Bistro Bar and if you are lucky you get free parking. If not, you will have to park at the basement and pay the standard parking fee.Spacious, wide and filled with a semi rustic designed interior whereby flooring are cemented yet not looking rundown. Be it dining in groups, alone or couple, this Bistro Bar is all ready. There is even a enormous long island marble table in the middle cater for big groups.Long black was served in a red cup with oblong-shaped almond biscuits (Biscotti). It was hard, dry and crunchy - the characteristics of what it should be. It has a little bit of Cinnamon fragrance which made a harmony of the long black and itself.Come with a choice of beerbeiser sausuage, center cut bacon or honey baked ham. Such country style was simple and straightforward with golden yellow scrambled egg topped with some herbs, garden salad and sausage as per our choice.If the above is too boring, you can enjoy some basket of bread assortments with butter. The bread was quite fresh and warmly toasted. Something special for my brekfast with "Shakshouka", two sunny side up eggs served in a red pepper Harissa ragout with sliced Spanish Chorizo sausages.Not sure the style of eating the skillet eggs? These toasted Baguettes are here to aid you.Just dipped them into the red pepper and enjoy. I felt that the portion is filling for a pax and tasted quite spicy for a breakfast meal as I'm someone who dont really like too spicy stuff for breakfast. Overall, such dish still bring me a surprise in a way or another. Though I have longed to come this place, there is nothing to rave about. Perhaps the lively ambiance over a lovely weekends like this is something I look forward to - young family gathers on table for breakfast, or even a few good friends to chit chat. 繼續閱讀
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Nassim Hill Bakery is located at Tanglin Post Office, a rather iconic building at the edge of Orchard Road. With a comprehensive drinks list and beer and apple cider on taps, Nassim Hill Bakery is more than just a bakery - it is an energetic chilling out haven with good music and array of European magazines amidst its dim, comfortable decor in the spacious bistro.We started with one of their signature items - Guinness Stout Bread(SGD$8.00), malt-flavoured, infused beautifully with the bittersweetness of the dark beer we all know so well; this fluffy bread goes perfectly well with butter or marmalade.Next, we had the Market Fresh Mussels with a hint of Chilli (SGD$25.00), 250grams of French Bouchot mussels are cooked with white wine, Sriracha butter cilantro and garlic and served with crispy baguette on the side. The tiny, sweet mussels were squishy with flavourful gravy, tinged with a little hint of chilli as promised; the gravy was so good, we were still taking turns to consume it long after the mussels were gone.The Kale Caesar (SGD$17.00) in creamy anchovy dressing, sliced hard-boiled eggs, prosciutto chips, parmesan crumbs and sliced garlic croutons - was something new. It was the first time I ate kale - one of the much-loved superfoods in the western parts of the globe, a very healthy and nutrients-rich vegetable, and I can see why it is being loved. A Caesar without the usual refreshing leaves of lettuce, but replaced by crispy sprigs of kale that gave a good bite and gentle "green" favour; nothing too overpowering - a little like eating the top part of brocooli, only leafier. I loved the prosciutto chips too, so this great-tasting salad made it to my list of "must order" when I revisit.Moving on, Chilli Crab Pasta (SGD$16.00 for half-sized / SGD$25.00 for full-sized) - jumbo lump crab meat sautéed with own spicy and tangy chilli crab sauce on spaghetti. The springy strands of pasta was good with bite, as is the robustness of the thick sauce - a local delight, infused with sweet crab meat and spiciness. The gravy was so good, I couldn't resist dipping baguette bread into it to soak up the goodness; however I also feel that the pasta can do with less sauce because it was a little "wet", like being drenched in soup.I really dug this Triple X Chocolate Cake (SGD$9.00) - rich, lavish slice of moist chocolate cake infused beautifully with triple sec, giving it a bittersweet flavour amidst the aroma of chocolate, well executed with a solid base and gentle interior.Then there was Pear Cheddar Crumble (SGD$11.00) stoking one's immediate passion for its baked pear, gelato scoop and crispy cheese biscuits on the side, satiating the palate in terms of texture and taste.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/08/media-invite-dinner-at-nassim-hill.html  繼續閱讀
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Located in old Tanglin Post Office off Tanglin Road, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar is well known for many things, in particular, their delicious, freshly baked French bread and pastries, communal tavern atmosphere, and being able to tap your own beer!Ambience at Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar is styled to resemble a medieval European / German tavern, with colourful stained glass windows, globule lamps, large and sturdy oak wood dining tables, and a communal marble counter with beer taps at the end. While there are bright spotlights throughout the interior, these are often kept off, lit by natural lighting during the day, and low, warm ambient lighting at night, lending a feeling of serenity and intimacy, though it makes photography difficult. The buzzing, friendly atmosphere is welcoming, and the aromatic smell of baking perfumes the place. Great!Service at Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar is decent / average. The relatively young staff are cheerful and friendly, offering greetings / goodbyes, and seating guests quickly. Product knowledge is lacking in the junior staff, they cannot describe dishes, nor make confident recommendations, although they are up-to-date on current promotions. Thumbs up for efficiency, they came around regularly to clear and change empty / dirty plates. Lacking in attention to details, as they did not top up our cutlery, I resorted to taking it from the empty table next to ours after every course.Food at Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar is modern bistro quality, with primarily French and Italian influences. In particular, their bread and dessert pastries, which are freshly baked / prepared each day, is the speciality here. They also feature a rather extensive menu of appetizers and entrees, with hits and misses. Portions are large, and suitable for sharing. Prices are reflective of a high-end bistro / gastrobar, budget about SGD $50 per person for a proper meal here. If you're just getting cakes / bread / pastries, budget about SGD $8 per person.The unique Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles (SGD $19) is worth ordering, because it combines bacon and waffles. BACON & WAFFLES! With cheddar cheese and bacon bits baked directly into their waffle batter, served with rashers of bacon, and a chive sour cream on the side. The waffle texture is the thin and crisp version, and my only minor complaint is that it's slightly dry, though this is helped by the fragrant chive sour cream. Worth ordering, because... bacon & waffles!This is among the best Chili Crab Pasta (SGD $25) I've had in Singapore thus far. The spaghetti is done al-dente, with some bite, the chili crab gravy is thick, with alternating notes of sweet, savoury, tangy, and spicy, and there is some lingering heat. The generous portion of fresh, deshelled crab meat, and spicy chili padi complete this dish. Highly recommended!Full Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/08/nassim-hill-bakery-bistro-bar-tasting.html 繼續閱讀
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We were at Orchard Road running some errands one weekend morning and decided to drop by Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for brunch since it was in the vicinity.Nestled within Tanglin Post Office and just behind Swiss Butchery, Nassim Hill's parking is sorely limited. There is the option of "free" parking (< 10 lots) right in front of the eatery but it's park at your own risk (so scramble if you see a warden) or the tiny carpark at the basement of the building (~10 lots) that leaves you stranded on a steep slope should the barrier refuse to lift when the carpark is full. So take public transport if you can, or park somewhere else.Once you sort out the transportation issues, getting a seat is relatively easy as there are plenty of tables around. The vibe is rather cafe-ish and the abundance of natural light streaming through the full length windows lent the place a certain cheerfulness.Chilli Crab Pasta - The chilli crab pasta came in 2 portion sizes; half or full. We opted for the former as the plan was to have waffles (lots of carbohydrates!) as well. And I'm glad we did as the half portion was big enough to feed an average eater. Al dente spaghetti coupled with a relatively rich yet mildly sweet and spicy sauce that featured chunks of crab meat and garlic for that additional kick. Very decent in my humble opinion.Nassim Hill Double Decker Burger - Nassim Hill's namesake burger wasn't impressive to say the least. Although it featured a double patty, both patties lacked a firm texture, a discernible beefy taste and relied on the seasoning and herbs to give it flavour (onion rings added a mild sweetness as well). The bread, all soft and slathered in mayonnaise, could do with time on the griddle whilst the accompanying shoestring fries were a tad hard but pretty decent. Average at best.Banana Chocolate Waffles - This was meant to be dessert but somehow got served together with our burger and pasta with no offer to take it back and re-serve it later. A bit of a boo boo I must say but seeing that most of the wait staff seemed to be rather green (mostly students I assume), I guess I don't really blame them. But it did prove to be rather annoying as the ice cream was melting rapidly and we had to alternate between mouthfuls of sweet cold dessert and warm burger/pasta at an accelerated pace (we certainly didn't want the waffles swimming in an ice cream puddle).Grievances aside, I personally liked the waffles quite a fair bit. Lightly crisp along the edges with a rather chewy center and topped with banana slices, sweet chocolate sauce and a huge scoop of real vanilla bean ice cream (as evidenced by the black spots). It's rather pricey at $18+ though, especially with only four small waffle rectangles to show for it.A somewhat decent brunch for the both of us cost almost $59, which is still somewhat acceptable considering the overall quality of food and location of the eatery. Service needs a little polishing and I'll probably drop by again if I'm in the vicinity to try out some other items on the menu.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/07/nassim-hill-bistro-bakery-bar-decent.html 繼續閱讀
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