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Arizona Chicken Bean Stew Baby Back Ribs Chocolate Lava Torte
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等級1 2013-09-13
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First the ambience is relaxing, everytime I go over for dinner, I leave, relaxed, satisfied and contented. The alfresco dining area under the big rain tree is so beautiful and the wooden decking with outdoor furniture is so rustic and unpretentious, so you can go casual, or smart, and just kick back and enjoy.The margaritas are to die for, and on Mondays, they are just $8++ a glass all day and night, what a deal, but we were there on a Tuesday and they had the Champagne at $24++ for 2 glasses, in fact all week long all kinds of specials. Been coming to this restaurant since they opened in 2005 and I must say their favourites are still good - baby back ribs are 'fall off the bone' finger lickin good and the mash potato that go with it is so good, or you could opt for chili dusted fries and they are so 'shiok'.The buffalo wings - they have a sucide hot (wow - way off the Scottsville chart). Only for the brave souls. Besides all this wonderful American favourites, they have a Chef that can whip up something special if you feel like a little more Italian or French food. On this particular day, the Chef was trying out some new dishes and we had the most wonderful foie gras dish.Having said that, I was also at this place for lunch and their set lunch deals are so good, 2 courses for just $23.90++ and the selection is so varied and they change the menu fortnightly, so there are different colours, red, gold, beige, ?? one more colour I can't remember, but the choices for the 2 or 3 or 4 courses are great. Not only that, the coffee / tea is included and they have the most wonderful dessert - Chocolate Lava Torte, the chocolate just oozes when you cut into the cake and the berry compote that goes with it is divine. Together with their great coffee - think it is Vittoria coffee they serve, what a way to complete a meal. Most places charge you for coffee, but when freshly brewed coffee is served free, wow, you save $5 bucks already.I will keep going back to this restaurant as I've never been disappointed with their service or food! 繼續閱讀
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photos and more here: http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/north-border-bar-grill-buona-vista/done up with a bar, al fresco dining areas and two floors of sitting, this place has food you want to eat when you think of american chains like TGIF and billy bombers, but at standards those places aspire to. not revolutionary food, but very much well worth returning to – singapore doesn’t have many restaurants that do a large american menu well, and the surroundings are gorgeous.I think in general I would rather head to handlebar for good american dining – the flavours there are more outstanding, though the portions here are competitive and it’s far more accessible.prices here are on the high side, but on par with many restaurants about town – the charm here lies in your surroundings: the al fresco area is very pleasant to dine in, there’s a large bar on the ground floor of the refurbished colonial building they’re housed in, and the rochester area does promote lingering over a meal with friends. graze is just next door too, so you might want to head there for dessert if you’re so inclined. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-07-14
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As my friend was working near the area,so i go find her for lunch I quite like this place,it give me a relaxing feeling ,ambience was nice I had their 4course set Their salmon croquette with tar tar sauce was nice,crispy outside & goes well with the tar tar saucesoup was just ok,for main course i had their baked rice with seafoodThe cream sauce was really creamy,but portion of the baked rice was quite small 4course set cost about $35++ which i feel a bit expensive but worth to try it once OVerall i rate 7/10 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-06-20
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People would rarely go north borders for lunch, because it is such a secluded place and also, most will just associate this place with dinner hang-out. I went for the two course, cause it is usually more than enough. Too bad that the lunch menu cannot be shared. I had the Baked Portobello Mushrooms & Eggplant tart, Bocconcini cheese with tomato sauce. Did not leave much of a impression taste wise, though i think the over all dish looks appealing. The best is its dessert; Warm bittersweet chocolate torte with a summer berries compote & vanilla ice cream. Maybe not that bittersweet, cause i can only taste the sweet and none of the bitter. But this is love. It is like the best molten chocolate lava cake i have had. The chocolate is warm, and just ooze out the moment i eat it. Goes perfectly well with the vanilla ice cream. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-09-05
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North Border Bar & grill is ”housed” in a colonial style and lush bungalow, serving Southwest American Cuisine. Expect foods like jalapeno peppers, pico de gallo in your food… you get what I mean?Sitting are alfresco, you get to choose smoking/ non-smoking area. The place gets pretty packed especially on friday and Saturday nights. Thus, a reservation is highly recommended, even for lunch!The Set lunch menu I had the 3 course set lunch ( 2 appetitzer and 1 mains )- $24 .90++. Skipped desserts as I am having a bad cold the past week.Mixed green salad, marinated choyte, pecan chile dressing Due to my allergy, they changed the pecan chile dressing to Balsamic dressing. The only special thing about this mixed salad is the Stuffed Jalapeno peppers with cream cheese which is slightly pungent and the cream cheese is not too heavy.Achiote coated Ahi Tuna Salad Did a goggle search and found out that Achiote refers to the seed of the Aploppas ( tree found in America). The seeds are extracted and made in a dye for colouring food. As you can see from the picture, the slices of tuna are coloured red.When the Ahi tuna is served to me, I thought that the portion of the tuna was sort of miserable…. merely a few slices of tuna. But, the is well- coated with the Achiote dye, which leaves a very slight hint of spiciness. The tangy margarita dressing goes very well with the tuna. Well, they were generous with the spinach leaves though.Bacon wrapped spring chicken, mashed potatoes, sauteed veg & pico de gallo The ribeye steak and Salmon was recommended by the waitress but I had the spring chicken instead. Well, it depends what you crave that day. For me, since I had a salad and fish as starters, I would have the poultry as my mains.Drumsticks were served and they were wrapped around a thin slice of bacon. I would prefer the chicken to be roasted ( the bacon would be crispy then). The drumsticks were served cool and not warm. Perhaps it is the Western style of the Bai zhan zi ( chilled chicken). The meat was tender but a little dry .The corn looks sort of unfresh . Pico de Gallo added a tangy finish to the meal. Verdict: Cool and relaxing ambience. The set lunch is priced reasonably and no wonder it was 90% full even on a weekday afternoon! The service is attentive even when the restaurant gets busy. 繼續閱讀
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