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PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore. They have proudly carried our Singaporean brand to 48 outlets in eight countries, with 29 locally in Singapore. They offer a relaxed, informal environment where freshly-cooked pasta and handmade pizza that are served quickly and efficiently. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-30
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The main I ordered is the Creamy Chicken Linguine. It costs $9.10 before any charges.We also ordered the chicken wings and cheese sticks. ;DComboI added on combo B for $4.20 and the items in the combo (drinks and soup of the day) was served immediately at the counter.They had both flavors, cream of mushroom and minestrone. I took the minestrone as I liked the loads of ingredients in the tomato base soup. This time the minestrone soup had a lot more ingredients than I expected. Unlike the previous times I’ve had it at other outlets, this time round the bowl is totally full of ingredients ^^It tastes as usual, not too sour and the flavor is nice and fresh ;DCreamy Chicken LinguineThe main pasta is served soon after. It is warm when served and the creamy sauce is a lot.The linguine pasta is nicely cooked and the amount is acceptable. The creamy sauce is not too salty and it is not overly creamy, enjoyed it throughout and finished the whole plate The chicken is not a lot but still, it was acceptable and the meat is tender and really soft to eat. It is not too dry either.Cheese sticksAs always, a must order item whenever I dine at pastamania ;DHaving it while it’s still hot is really delicious and tasty! Completely delectable and irresistible ;PThe outer is crispy and the cheese within melts and flows into your mouth ~It costs $4.70 for a plate of 6 cheese sticks Chicken wingsFirst time trying the chicken wings and it is crispy and tasty for the outer.The meat is quite well flavoured, tender and juicy. Although the flavor is not very strong and fragrant, it is still quite nice and worth it.ServiceThe service wise was average and nothing much to comment on.Their speed of food preparation is pretty fast and efficient.A pleasant food experience at pastamania with the delicious items at affordable pricings ;D 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-03-03
22 瀏覽
I always head to pastamania for its nice and affordable pasta and this time was no exception! The branch at fusionopolis is less crowded during dinner time and one of the more ventilated outlets due to its higher ceilings! Ordered meatballs (beef) spaghetti, cabonara and cheese sticks! The food came really fast except for the cheese sticks which they took 10mins to prepare. The cheese sticks were awesome! It's simply melt-in-your-mouth plus its soft and crispy texture, somemore it's still piping hot when served. I didn't have a good impression of meatballs spaghetti as I had it many years back but this was different than the horrible one I had last time! It's good! The meatballs were of chewy texture! Carbonara was great too, not too creamy for people that is not a huge fan of creamy pasta, but it's a tad pricier than the rest of the pasta on the menu. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-03
28 瀏覽
One-north pastamania is my no.1 favourite outlet in Singapore! You know the standards in Pasta varies according to the restaurant? I believe one-north really puts in effort in making the best pasta because their chef must be very good and also there are very few people patronizing even though it's just right above the MRT station.It's very delicious!!! I always thought that you must have a higher turnover to have a good meal (take KFC and all those fast-food restaurants for example), but apparently not so for Pasta mania!You can sit as long as you like and have a good chat with your foodie buddy (in this case here my mother) without having to consciously think that you'll be chased away.Look at the sumptuous breakfast!!! They've been quite extravagant in their portions and it's piping hot and delicious. Eat quickly though, because the aircon is quite cold and cools the food rather quickly. It costs less than $10, I believe it's about $6.90-$7.90 est.I love the pancakes!! Definitely will eat again. It costs about $6.50!A good place to take pictures with your friends.. look 'atas' (luxurious) eh?More ambience shots..And the maple syrup makes my day 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-29
25 瀏覽
I was at Pastamania Fusionpolis for lunch on a weekday afternoon, there was quite a queue of office workers. They were having a promotion MEN IN BLACK set meal which included a drink, pasta and a side dish for $9.90. Not bad as there was quite a variety of pasta and side dishes to choose from. Furthermore, you could choose the type of pasta you like from spaghetti to linguine. I ordered spaghetti in mushroom cream sauce and fried calamari rings for my side dish. Although it was very crowded, service was swift, allowing you to return to your seat first with a drink before they returned to you later with your main dish and side dish. The mushroom cream sauce pasta had very very thick cream sauce and there was a very strong garlic and mushroom flavour, which I felt was too overwhelming. The calamari rings were well fried and yummy! A good lunch deal!! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-10-06
12 瀏覽
I decided to buy the Creamy Chicken pasta from Pastamania. I chose the linguine pasta and upsized it to the large size. It was really nice of them to separate the pasta from the cream. When I got home, I made the mistake of pouring all the sauce into the pasta immediately. I'd recommend dipping the pasta into the sauce instead because by pouring it it just sipped into the bottom. Anyway, the cream sauce was unexpectedly tasteless but thankfully they had given me many chunks of chicken to make up for the lack of taste. Personally I didn't like the fact that it was almost tasteless but it was really filling and costs only $10.70. 繼續閱讀
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